Ramayanam before Kamban - Hanuman meets Ravana
  • We Saw two interesting panels in Kumbakonam nageswaran temple( aditya period) and Gopurappatti ( Sundara/Uthama chola period)

    Both have a panel of Hanuman meeting Ravana in his court.

    We have been told that - When hanuman declared that he is the messenger of Rama - Ravana did not treat him properly - Hanuman lengthened his tail, made a seat and sat at equal height.

    Both the temples have this panel.

    But i could not locate this verse in both Valmiki and Kamban.

    Can any one give me the sloka/song.

    Is this story not in the originals of both Kamban and Valmiki?
  • Same in the case of Valmiki

    Hence - Now it is emerging that there is indeed a tradition that predates
    kamban . There are many incidents that are unique to TN.

    1. Purananooru monkeys wearing sita's jewels ( Max 2nd)
    2. Aga nanooru - Rama silencing the birds at Kodi ( Max 2nd)
    3. Ramalinga Pradishtai ( Thevaram -7th)
    4. This Hanuman episode.(9th 0r 10th)

    even if we take Kamban as 9th - ( say 850) - this panel dates to 870-90( aditya) ( or if you take the completion by Parantaga - then 930-40.)

    Hence it is emerging that an independent version of Ramayana did exist.

    Let us explore more.
  • I too have heard that this episode is more of a folklore than in Valmiki or
    Kamba ramayanam. And some version of the story says its Angadha and not
    Hanuman who sits on his tail.
  • The placement of the panel in Nageswaran is before hanuman burning lanka¬† and after Destruction of ashokavana - and hence Hanuman

    folklore - it is in 2 temples one dated to Aditya and another as pre Uthama.

    That shows this is deep routed in Tamilnadu.

    Let us see how many such are coming out.

    We will visit many places.

    Lalgudi - Thadaka vadam - see how young Rama is depicted.

    Pullamangai has one - resembling pattabishegam

    we are yet to see

    1. Breaking of Siva dhanusu

    2. Sita Kalyanam

    3. Ravana vadam

    4. Rama Pattabishega


  • Dear KS,
    Kindly check this. I think this is Ravana Vadam. This is in Pullamangai.
  • Yes. the lady must be mandodari?

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