Mahabalipuram - Part II - Rathas
  • Hi Friends,
    I started with the part III, detailing about the rathas of this site. I will try
    to complete this asap. Recently got Epigraphia Indica volumes from ASI so once
    finished with Mahabalipuram, I will come back to Pallava genealogy topic which I
    left in between.

    Link to article:
  • Saubrah,
    I also doubt if the lion had anything to do with Draupathi Ratha. Lion, Bull and the elphant are placed at different places. The lion does not look at the temple or the god in the sanctum as it is typically done.
  • Hi Arvind,
    yes you are correct that the lion does not look towards the temple cell, however
    there was a constraint of the rock and its position, that's why I wrote the
    comment 'utilization at the maximum'. They knew that the lion cannot be carved
    with facing the ratha however may be done if different manner. What should they
    do, leave the boulder as it is or beautify it by carving something. If something
    then what? Would it be good if they carve a lion and hence make the association
    with ratha which would be in near vicinity of this boulder. This is my idea of
    thinking the carving.
    There can be other theories about it and we should find all such theories and
    put it to discussion, lets see if we can reach a consensus and hence we will
    accept that in forgoing articles. What you say?

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