Interview re Kalki
  • Sir,
    Vj and I have been scouting for a copy of these for long. These are not in print I have contacted the publishers for each of the volume (different publishers) and have not been successful.
    I have also tried connemara library
    I had actually seen the books in 2 private collections. Will now take that route

    The discussion I had with vijay last night was around the temple listed in KAN as part of chola art chapter. I was stating that we had not yet visited many of those and would have been better prepared had we done some more reading before our last tour. Eg. We went to visalur by accident as we could see an ancient temple on route to malayadipatti. Had we done a bit more reading we would have known the exact temples to visit and what to look for.
    Thanks to advice from you sir, we were better placed and did cover the area reasonably well in the time we had.

    It would take more than a life time to do good justice to cover the temples of the golden age. We will give it a shot anyway
  • I own Balasubrahmanyam's Early Chola Temples, but alas,
    don't have a scanner.
    Would happily copy texts, on indiv. sites, if wanted.
    In that book I discovered Uraiyur--Tantonisvaram; & Kilaiyur.
  • Dear Katherine,

    I too have that book.

    will check and revert.

    regards . sps


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