• Greetings for Merry Christmas and Peace.


    Dear Katherine, PNMS & friends,

    Hearty Greetings on this Christmas Eve.

    Let us generate more harmony and peace among the people around us.

  • Best wishes to all my Ponniyinselvan friends around the world,
    for a happy 2010.
    Kathie B. ['injamaven' on Picasa]
  • Merry christmas for all Christian Friends...[?][?]
  • SPS Sir, Satheesh and all

    Thank you for your kind greetings! My best wishes to all members of PSVP for a blessed Christmas and wonderful 2010!

    'vaazhga andanar vaanavar aaninam
    veezhga thanpunal / vendanum onguga
    aazhga theeyadelam / aran namame
    soozhga / vaiyagamum thuyar theergave'


    Pallav Nambi Mark Sargunam
  • Wish you happy Christmas
  • Best wishes of happinessand merriment on the birth of the childat Bethlehem.

  • Dear Adiyen,
    Please translate for us Westerners. This is a site
    usually transmitted in English [allowing me to
  • Isn't it true, that the birth of each Human Child should be celebrated!
    All are children of God.
  • Very true.. TMS
  • Dear Friends

    Wish you all a Happy christmas. Happy to see katharine and PNMS mails and this sprit should be spread. There is no second opinion about the greatness of Jesus Christ.
    ( We only oppose that he is the ONLY god. We believe that for the same diecease the God came asvarious Doctors to give different medicines according to the Patient's body condition. He came as Many)

    I will use these holidays to dig out the paramacharya's mention on vatapi ganapathi's of both temples.

    Planning to visit the Thiruvanmiyur exibition by 2-3-4 o clock.

    The recent book of Don Brown mentions that " Jesus have mentioned about the God inside and you are the God" . Want to read more on this "That tuvam masi" teaching of Jesus.
  • Hi
    in todays times of indai there was a nice story of a boy nicknamed tsunami who was born almost precisely at the time the tsunami struck. his pregnant mother scampering to the safety

  • Dear Kathie

    This song is of Thirugyana sambandar with which he won all the Jains of Tamilnadu. With that the Jainism was wiped out from TN.

    Long Live Brahmins, Devas, Cows

    Let the rain fall always and the King rule long

    Let there be down fall for bad, Let shivas name be chanted every where
    Let the world get rid of sorrows"

    This song was written on a palm leaf and put in fire. Mothing happened to the padigam and hence called " Pachai Padigam" roughly translated wet song.

    It is really heartening that PNMS quoted this. We will wish let all Gods name bechanted without any hate.
  • Dear Sankar,
    I agree totally. How can one part of the world declare that they have
    the only correct truth? Jesus Christ [who by the way, never
    called himself that] was only one of the very wise ones.
    There are so many great minds all over the world. Why do so few listen
    to them? ONLY ONE GOD? how dare they think so? what conceit.
    Please do track down those Vatapi Ganapathi murthis that I am longing
    to see. . .
    your friend in 2010,
  • Dear esteemed members of PSVP

    What has not been said about God-experience by Savia Siddhanta? Every possible manner of realising God is revealed in the following verse:

    ulagelam unarnthodark kariyavan
    (He who is difficult to understand and express by ordinary mundane and worldly philosophies and religions)

    nilavulaviya neermali veliyan
    (He whose form is like the water-drenched harvest fields bathed with moonlight)

    alagil sothiyan (He who is endless Light)

    ambalathaduvan (He who dances in the medst of the Cosmic Stage - as the core of the atom?)

    malar sevadi vaazthi vanaguvam
    (let his praise and worship His lotus feet)

    By the way, I love aazhudai pillai's 'vazgha andanar' - nothing like it. But by andanar I include not just brahmins, but also all members here - 'sentanmai poondolozhugalaan' - since Valluvar calls all who follow godly discipline andanar.

    The other thevaram hymn I love is this:

    maadar pirai kanniyanai
    malaiyaan magalodum paadi
    podothu neer sumathethi
    puguvaar avar pin puguven
    yaadoru suvadu padaamal
    aiyaaradaikinra pothu
    kaathen madap pidiyodu
    kaliru varuvana kanthen
    kanthen avar thirupaadam
    kantariyaadana kanthen

    Whenver I think of the verse kadan madapidiyodu kaliru varuvana kanden...I think this is the height of what someone who has seen the Lord would say. (I am sorry - I cannot translate the verses above - it is too sublime, I will leave it to some other more worthy member of PSVP to give us a translation).


    Pallava Nambi Mark Sargunam
  • Dear Friends,

    Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  • Dear Kathie - brahmins = priests in this context, priesthood, dairy farming and such being the backbone of culture in those days.

    Sankar, please let us not pat our backs on our own bigotry of wiping another faith and talk of christian bigotry on the other hand. Let there be peace and understanding all over the world.

    Kindest Regards

  • Excellent Dear Nambi.

    Ulagelaam - song has been narrated once by Thiru TNR.
    He actually started the line with 'nilavulaaviya nIrmali vENiyan; in which you can just imagine the size of God what Thirumular says 'Yaar aRivaar avan agalamum neeLamum',

    The size of the moon, though smaller than earth, can not be measured but comparitively ahuge one, the same is just doing a pleasure and leasurelywalking (ulaaviya)in His head.
    Ganga, from her original place in the space has started to arrive and falling on earthwith veryangry moodwhen she was compelled by Bhagiratha through Shiva. If allowed with the same anger, had she entered in the earth with the same speed and quantum, the whole place would have beensubmerged with water. God, seeying her angry, took Ganga and gave her asylum in his head and let her out through a small stream. so, the giant and oceanful size of angry flowing Ganga has been saved in his head, so the phrase' nIr-mali vENian' has come. So, Shiva has the oceanful size Ganga with pleasure and leasurelywalking Moon, then you can imagine the size of his head. Again Thirumular comes here with 'Yaar aRivaar avan agalamum NeeLamum' who will know His width and length'?

    Thank you Nambi for bringing this beautiful words by SEkkizhaar.

  • maadar pirai kanniyanai (He who has the crescent moon and )
    malaiyaan magalodum paadi(dwells with the daughter of the king of mountains)
    rificial cauvery waters to the alter)
    puguvaar avar pin puguven(Following devotees who )
    yaadoru suvadu padaamal(in anonymity without any one noticing)

    aiyaaradaikinra pothu(When I entered Thiruvaiyaru )

    kaathen madap pidiyodu(with its beloved cow)

    kaliru varuvana kanthen(form of a majestic elephant )

    kanthen avar thirupaadam(I saw his blessed feet)

    kantariyaadana kanthen(I see things which I had never seen or realised)

    When I entered Thiruvaiyaru in anonymity without any one noticing

    Following devotees who have been singing the praises of the great lord

    o the alter

    Singing the praises of He who has the crescent moon and dwells with the daughter of the king of mountains..

    I saw him and his devi in the form of a majestic elephant which marched with its beloved cow

    In those sights in Thiruvaiyaru I saw his blessed feet

    I see things which I had never seen or realised

    (Implying that the world we live is all forms of the Lord)

    Appar then goes on to describe the peacock and pehen, the cock and hen, the swan and its its female and so on implying the Lord Shiva and parvati are there in everywalk of life not in a specific abode

    Kind Regards


  • Dear Sir,
    That was excellent!!!
    Thank you very much...
    And, if I remember it right, Kalki mentions this padhigam in Ponniyin Selvan when Vandhiyadevan enters Thiruvaiyaru...
  • WOW!! Sri that was too good. Methinks u shd. try & do one thevaram a week for us all.
  • "¬†Yaadoru suvadu padamal" - is also interpretted¬† that Appar onhis way to Kailash could not continue his journey was asked by the Lord to take a dip in a pond & came out at Tiruvaiyaru (Appar kulam), & Lord gave him darsan. Hence Yaadoru suvadu padamal. i.e. no foot prints.
  • Dear Shoba and Vardhini

    Thank you verymuch it was just an ameature attempt...ther are stalwards who can do a better job

    Thanks for the correction..

    Yes it is recited by Sendan Amudan aka Uthamar to Kundavai Vanathi Poonguzhi when VD and AMV come disguised as Chinese traders

    Kind Regards


  • Thank you so much, SR, for the English translation.
  • Aahaa, sabai kalaikattuthu,

    During the reciting of this pathigam, kalki would describe the history of
    this pathigam through sembiyan maadevi...Good one. Every year lot of crowd
    gathers for the appar kailaaya kaatchi in Thiruvaiyaaru.
  • Sridhar-

    Your translation truly captures thequintessential devotion of Apparin this wonderful hymn and is atribute to Apparswamigal.Isn't it a pleasant co-incidence that we all are discussing theessence of universalGod and the greatness of the divinity in Thevaram as described by the selflessSaiva saint(s)under the caption Christmas Greetings ?

  • Dear 'Thevara-k-kaadalar' andPallava Nambi Mark,

    It is indeed touching that you quote these timeless hymns in Lord's glory. This first verse from Periya Puranam is unique asits veryfirst word 'Ulagelam' is Lord's own and Sekkizhar ends the last verse of the puranam with also the same word ' Ulagelam'.

    The second line ' nila vulaviya neer mali venian' is translated usually as follows- "even if he is unfathomable, he is simple enough to show the mighty Ganges and crescent moon in his strands of hair'.

    The last line is ' Malar silambadi vaazhthi vananguvam ' and not ' Malar sevadi'.
  • Thank you Sir

    You are very kind


  • TMS Sir, thanks for the corrections!
  • Thanks everyone for the fine translations.
    I particularly like the image of the moonlight reflected in paddy water.

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