tamil puthinangal - udated file loaded
  • Dear All

    Mega chennai event will be started. To help purchaes books, the updated pdf file is re-loaded with the additions of 15 books which was purchased last Sunday.

    Go through the list.... Make a note which books you want... Purchase and read. Share your views about the puthinangal.
  • Dear sri sunder

    have you read all the works on the list !!
  • Dear VJ

    60% completed. Also I am start updating the file in the individual pages in the column "KADHAI KALAM" from last month. So again I am going to read the novels and updated it. It is a mega process hopefully I will complete within 6 months.
  • Dear Sri Sundar

    I am really amazed by your work..
    As a person keenly watching tamil book publication industry and happened to work with few publishers, I like to contact you..I will talk to you to fix an appointment
  • Feel so jealous of you. But due to some personal restrictions ( imposed on
    myself) have not touched this genre for a year and a half - despite about 8
    works still left unopened. Focussing all available time of another pursuit.
    But the credit should go to Udayar. stopped 3/4 th into first book and
    afterward havnt touched historic fiction again.
  • Hello, is it possible to order these books online and have them delivered in India?

    Thank you

  • Dear Malathi

    In India e-marketing facility is not available fully. You can check with anyindian.com or dinamalar has started the e-marketing for the books.

    you can get most of the books from new book lands T. nagar. They are also doing the e-marketing. I don't want to use this forum for marketing. In case if you want, please call me or mail me in my mail id. sundarkrish2001@yahoo.com

    The purpose of loading the pdf file is to know about what are the historical novels written and who is the publishers. So you can call them and get the books by vvp / courier too.
  • Wonderful mr sundar, we need more like you. But i feel you should try and do
    proper ( meaning full fledged) and unbiased reviews of works. It will be a
    great tool for people like us, who are stuck with hazarding guesses and
  • Dear VJ

    Thanks for your comments. If you go through my document, the Kadhai Kalam is telling the interested sub topic of the story which would help the readers to buy the book and read it. If I give the full view of the story, people will not buy and it will affect the revenue of the publications as well as the writters. Instead of giving the review just I am marking the interesting points of the story.

    Also in that list around 50 books yet to be purchased. The reason is either it is out of stock in the publication or the writter is not re-publish the book.

    so every sat and sunday I am visiting lot of private library and collecting the same with high cost. It is not easy way now a days. Surprisingly when I went to Singapore, I got some nos of books which is not available in India.

    If our group members ready to help, I will be very happy for the same.

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