kalki style of writing
  • Dear members,
     One of my friend states that there is major impact of kalki style in my writings. You might have read my karthigai already I forwarded to you.

    I request you to confirm the whether the remarks of my friend is correct?

    If it is true what I have to do?
  • Dear Sir, it is to your credit, your honesty and integrity that you have acknowledged the influence. Every writer is inspired by someone they admire and it is not a crime to write under that influence as long as one is willing to acknowledge it (the famous writer Balakumaran literally stole Thi Janakiraman's style and only admitted it years after several critics pointed it out with clear examples).

    However, writers are respected for our originality so as a way to develop that perhaps i would suggest write on topics that Kalki did not write about - perhaps more modern themes, and explore nuances/variances in characters that he only hinted at but not go deep into, such as for example Nandini's character.

    Just some ideas,

    Kind Regards

  • Dear madam,
    thank you very much for your kind remarks. I take care in my future writings

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