Ponniyin Selvan - Audio Book - For Sale
  • Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book is already released and available now for sale many of you may be already owning this mega Audio Book which is of 78hours duration Over 60 Artistes have rendered voices to the characters of Kalki Those who have not bought one,would like to buy one may comntact me on my Mobile no 98411 53973 or mail me We will organise to delivere at your door step Please contact me for a copy or for more details�
  • I have requested M/s raga.com people to contact you for supply Kindly interact with them and take it forward
    Thanks for your response
    Bombay Kannan
  • There is a small mistake in my previous message the site id is nammabooks.com and not raaga.com kindly note the change and regret for the mistake
    For those who are living abroad and could not collect the Audio Book from us can contact them and interact with them
    Bombay Kannan
  • Thanks a lot for the info sir. Hearty wishes for this wonderful effort. I will order my copy through 'nammabooks.com'

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