• Dear Friends,

    Very glad to share that once again we are amazed to come across the variety of talents amongst our group members - thanks to Amarar Kalki & his magnum opus PS !!

    Sanakaranarayan - Vaali before Kamban ( or 12th Century) - was the first to reach the hall - followed by
    (anusha) Venkat - author of Kalki biography / Kavirimyndhan (sequal to PS). Presently he is working on finishing touches of Madurai - English Version. He presided over and shared his experience re trips to Thanjavur, around thirukachur, pulivanam etc., etc.

    Muruganandam (infotech) - author of Robert Clive / Feroz Gandhi / Kushwantsingh among others.
    Sundar Krishan - holding maximum collection of Historical Fictions shared his vast experience in detail., and was suggesting future plans - involving some core committee from our Group!
    Satish Arunachalam (software) attended and shared his views. for most of them it is their mother who initiated them into reading PS.

    Swetha acknowledged it is her legendary father - who initiated her into reading PS. Sandilyan works attracted most of them.

    Sridhar - Doctor from Manchester / UK - thanjavur person - attended our meets earlier too and this year again he enthusiastically participated.

    Sri Sri from the USA - who accomplished S S - audio, PS Audio - in various voice modulations shared his views. Felt he should have been given more opportunity to share - when he rendered speech in several voice modulations by the end of the meet. He freely distirubted his CDs. Members can mail him and reach to get some of these as he will be in chennai for another 3 - 4 days.

    An elderly Doctor Venkateswaran - who had seen Kalki when he was very young boy - did share his experience re PS and Kalki's writings.

    Our Venkateswaran Kasirajan (Infotech) who has hand written first volume of PS ( unable to get xeroxed ) shared his interest in Sangam literature, Brahmi, ancient coins etc. He has Uthama coin.

    Mr. Gautham narrated he is on to animation and offered any support.

    Mr. Sundararajan, retd Bank Official, shared his views so enthusiastically and offered any support to our group activities.

    Mr. Kannan - tourist car operator, Mr. Kannan - Sabha coordinator and art enthusiast, Mr. Krishnan, Pharma Business - all shared their expeerience very interestingly.

    sps (me) outlined that it was Ravidasan & co - who were behind the killing of Aditha Karikalan, and that from Kshetrabalar temple inscriptions in tiruvalanchuzhi, as decyphered by Dr. Kkvn and Dr. Nalini it is evident that RRC lived in the 3rd year of RjC also - and that in liue the thilaprvatham ceremony supposedly in lieu of RRC's first death anniversary by RjC is not fitting. from the same temple RjC is denoted to be Sivasaranasekaran - and that his entering thilaparvatham - entering gingilee mount - marking rebirth to Rajendran - after he perfored last rites as Siva sarana sekaran to his father RRC who adopted the life style of Siva Patha Sekaran !

    RjC also put Viboodhimadal to his father's bronze image - Peria Perumal and that there is no misunderstanding with him what-so-ever !!

    The highlight of the programme was Kalinga Balu's power point presentation on sea fares - turtle routes, Rajendra's sea voyages, tamils names around the World, how the soldiers and merchants make use of "nelli" and make sea water drinkable - etc. etc. !!

    REACH Chandra was ready to share his experience in remaking of Kailaswanathar temple at Uthiramerur - but could not do so due to paucity of time.

    Exclusively we will have a meeting very soon to view the Power Point
    by Kalinga Balu Sir and REACH Chandra !!

    We also thank Tamil heritage Balaji and other friends who helped to get LCD projector in time with a screen !!

    We had Chitrannam together and recalled Vandhiyathevan celebrating Aadipperukku !!

    Sat evening i reached Thanjai and had a dip in Cauvery on the way !
    Muruganandam also rushed to Thanjai !

    Next day Pradhosham .. such a grand scale abhishegam to Peruvudayar !!

    Today - 5th August - aadipunarvasu !!

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear SPS,

    Like your speechon the Adipperukku day,your narration of the events has a spell binding effect on the readers. I am thrilled to being part of the great group. The passion, devotion, articulation and the sense of belonging of all members present were simply superb.

    My request and suggestion are that more such meetings and get together can be arranged at least once in a month. The meetings can have separate themes and people can present papers/presentations. Tech people can even arrange webinars apart from regular meetings.

    Members of the press can also be invited for such gatherings to spread the greatness of Kalki/Ponniyin selvan/ tamil literatue/chozha history/chozha temples among public.

    Where do I get details of the tours PSVP group has undertaken in 2005? In fact, a group of friends once planned to visit all historical sites referred in PS including Anurathapuram some years back. Unfortunately we could not succeed . PSVP may arrange another trip soon for the benefit of new comers and old timers.
  • Dear Sundararajan sir,

    You can find a few travelouges regarding 2005 trip written by our members
    in the below link.


    Ramki, Suganya and Myself have written our experiences.

    Also, you can find the mail threads of our group either in
    groups.yahoo.comor the below link.


    In both, you have to navigate to the dates around 15th August 2005 to 15th
    September 2005.

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