[Tamil_Heritage_School] Vijay (Singapore) helps trace a stolen idol
  • Great work Vijay

  • Great work Shri. Vijay


  • Congrats vijay
  • commendable wok. Indeed..
  • Excellent work done by Shri Vijay. In fact many of our tresures are lying in some other foreign land even without our knowledge. We as citizens of this country should also take care to preserve our treasures. A year ago I had been to Chayavanam(Thiruchaikudu) and Pallavneeswaram near Poompuhar where there are excellent Chola bronzes kept in the temples. But when I visited the temples at abour 05.00 P M in the evening there was no body in the temples including the prohit. In one temple there was only an elderly lady who was deputing on behalf of her husband who was ill. Without any security, anybody can lay hands on these bronzes without any resistance whatsoever. Govt must arrange security for these temples immediately to protect these invaluable treasures.

    S Gowrisankar

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