Behind China’s Hindu temples, a forgotten history
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    Behind China's Hindu temples, a forgotten history

    I hereunder give few points which I hope will get a picture.

    Kaushiki was the grand mother of Parasurama and mother of Jamadgan.
    Karthaveeryajuna is said to have killed Jamadgani for refusing to give his sacred cow (Kamadenu) and Parasurama vowed to kill all the kshatriyas and concluded with Great Rama who defeated Parasurama. Thurvasu was cursed by his own father Yayathi for not agreeing to take his old age and give him the youth and sent to miloccha country. This may be China.

    Yajur Veda in China:-

    The Turvasu who was sent to China by his father yayathi, was identified as the founder of Confucius religion in China.
    The first song for the worship of ancestors was sung in favor of
    Chao Shen Wang Mu Chin Fu Kung
    Yu Shen Wang Chi Fu Kung
    I Shen Wang Fang Su Kung
    Chang Shen Wang Po Hsia Kung
    Chi Shen Wang Su Liang Kung.

    This song is sung for the welfare of the dynasty of Wang Emperor. There were temples for this Confucius I all the towns and villages in China. These temples were called Wen mio. These rang. Temple Tanks were dug and water stored in that]. Wu Miao is the god who will give victory in war was also worshipped.

    A prayer Yagas and Yagnas were conducted for the growth of food grains like wheat, a prayer for water, a prayer for literature and education, Grama Devathas, For peace and health, for male child, for rain, rescue from Plaque, For Kitchen, for saving cattle from all diseases, After completion of building, a thanks giving ceremony, Safe child birth and to welcome the Goddess of Vaccination.

    Temples had the image of these five kings of China. There were cattle donated for these temples. On the river beds the Vedic schools were opened and Chanted Vedas. The grand son of Confucius Tzi Ssu was honored with many gifts. The temples were offered food to deities and bells.
    The bower Manuscript was un earthed in china has a root from South India, Karnataka, from Charaka Rishi, who belongs to AApasthabha School, which was in Subramanya, and this is Sringeri Saradha Peetam.
    July 6-8., Gulothunga III ruled Chola Country. In this period, A chinese muslim Yatri, visited Samayapuram in Trichy He is Su-Ju - KUE
    Viravarma Pandian S/o Jadavarma Sundara Pandian sent a group in CE 1281, to King of China GUB-LI-KU., and asked for military force to save him from his sons Sundara Pandian and Vira Pandian.
    Now coming back to Temple in China, Vira Ramanathan S/o Vira Someswaran, might have constructed this temple. This temple may have Hoychala Arch tech also.. Year of Construction may be from CE1230-1280


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