Book Release - Kadaaram
  • �Dear all,

    A new historic novel "kadaaram" - a humble effort of an amateur novelist, my first historic fiction is getting ready to hit the stalls.�
    Get ready to embark on a free ride to 1025 C.E Kadaram - the golden peninsula, a journey filled with adventure, suspense, conspiracy and romance.

    Thank you,
    With heart full of warm thoughts

    Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love.
  • all the best. god be with u always.. [?]
  • Dear Malarvizhi,
    Hearty congrats. By the grace of the almighty may you pen many more novels. When will it be available in the market?
  • My best wishes and congrats

    Please let me know when will be the book available in stores and who is the publisher

    Looking forward to

  • Malar Congrats
  • Thanx for the wishes Krithika.

    Dear Chandra Sekaran sir,

    Thank you for the wishes.
    When will it hit the stallss?
    Very soon sir.. Very soon :-)

    Dear Krishnan sir,

    Thank you for the wishes. I will post another message when and where the book will be available once it is done.

    Thank you Kailasam sir..:-)
  • Which publisher and where to buy?
  • Congrats and all the best



  • Dear ALL

    On behalf of madam, with her permission, I am furnishing herewith some in put on this subject.

    Publisher As Usual - Vanathi Publication
    Expected Date: on or before Sep 2013

    It is almost 95% pre-publication work completed.

    I had a chance to go through the same due to proof reading task. The interesting part is-

    I am unable to digest it is her first novel.

    Secondly - Though I have read 700 historical novels, I have always think Why we have not get like Vandhiyathevan type of hero. Kalki always great. No doubt it. But that type of close heart charecter I have not seen/read till I have gone through "Kadaram" That too double Dhamaka.

    Means two charecters- Hero and Heroine- I enjoyed it after long long time.

    Rest you have to read and we will have a discussion on that.

    Great... Great... Thanks to Madam for her wonderful and interesting novel.

    You can book your pre-order thorugh sending the mail to Vanathi's email id.
  • Hi,

    Good to hear.

    For the benefit of our group, can you introduce the author? Some biography should be good.

    Best regasrds,
  • Dear Malarvizhi Baskaran,

    Hearty Congrats & My Best Wishes...

    Eager to read your Novel as I can experience a Character like Vandhita Thevan - Waiting for September ...
  • Very glad to know the 'preview' of the book

    Am very excited and waiting eagerly for the release

    Will there be a book release function ?

    It will be great to be part

  • Date: 23-7-2013

    Dear M/s Malarvili Baskaran,

    After quite some time only today I glanced through Ponniyin Selvan Website, and I was "so happy" to know that your dream of bringing forth your new historic novel titled "Kadaaram" has come into a reality,which will definitely find a superior place among the Tamil Historical Novels we have today. May God bless you for your great efforts in writing this novel, which I am sure will find much welcome among the World Tamil community - a story related to the greatest Chola Emperor of Tamil Nadu the Rajendra Chola - 1(A.D.1012-1044)

    My best wishes to you.

  • If the members are interested, can take pre-order and
    deliver once its available. please let us how we can help.

    Also there is a new novel from Poompuhar by Kovi Manisekaran - சேரர்
    குலக்கொடி Now available with us but not in website.

    - Bala

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  • Thanks sir

    I am interested in both books

    Please advise what should I do for buying

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