Portrait Sculpture of Chola kings in stone and bronze
  • Date: 27-5-2013

    Dear Mr Vijay,

    The Images of Rajendra Chola - 1 at Kolar and Nandi Hill Siva Temples & the Image of Kulothunga Chola - 1 at Sakthi Muktheswara Temple, at Binnamangala (sorry not Bommanahalli as stated earlier)all at Karnataka State have been uploaded to PSVP Photos section for your study. Among these Images the one of Kulothunga Chola - 1 is more likely to be that of a Chola Chieftain or could it be that of Kulothunga Chola - 1 himself. More studies has to go into same.

    Further in an Article by our Scholar Member of PSVP - Mr Gokul on "Naagai Kaaronam Temple" appearing in Varalaaru.com could be seen at the following URL


    In same we find a very beautiful image of (said to be that of) Chandeswarer, which looks an original Chola Bronze (with more copper in it) with all regalia & jewellery.

    If not for the Malu in his hand which is normally seen in Siva Images like the one at Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple in the so-called Chandeswara Anukkiraka Murththi- Panel, this image at Kaaronam temple with all regalia, jewellery, and the Head dress, look like that of a Chola royal personality - Your views on same please.

    Further in the recent New Report we note Dr (Kudavayil)Balasubramaniam
    is trying to protect a ancient Siva Temple built by Rajendra Chola - 1 from being demolished due to the construction of a New Highway by the TN Government and has requested th CM of Tamil nadu to intervene and prevent it being demolished. The News Report says as per Dr Balasubramaniam there is an Image of Rajendra Chola - 1 with his consorts worshipping under the image of God Siva in his dancing posture. It is worth visiting, studying and photographing same before it is demoloished.

    It is also worthwhile visiting the Kalahasti Temple and studying the Portrait Scupture of Rajendra Chola - 1 said to be seen at this temple.
  • dear Sir

    Thanks for the uploads. am not sure of the first 2. the last one is

    However, the chandikeshvara bronze is a standard chola period work but defn
    not a King - as there is no veerakkazhal on the leg.
  • I have seen the  Chandesa image in miniatures belonging to Parantaga period also. Attaching image
  • Here you go..
  • Thanks to FB Sri Sasi Dharan
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Date: 29-5-2013

    Dear Mr Vijay & other Readers of this Web Page.

    While taking much care in what is being posted by me, I made a big mistake in mentioning the name of the Chola temple which has a scuplture said to be that of Kulothunga Chola - 1, erronously as Sakthi Muktheswara temple. It should correctly read as "Mukthi Nateshwara Temple" at Binnamangala, at Nelamangala Taluk, Karnataka state. Further I already posted an Image of what is said to be that of Kulotunga Chola - 1, found on a single stone beside this temple in PSVP photo Section.

    I am now posting more Photos on this temple 'captured by me' during my visit to this temple in an 'album format' for the interest of many Readers of this Website in the PSVP Photo section.

    I am including more photos of the above image at various angles for the critical study of those who are interested in the study of Portrait Scuplture of Chola kings in stone and bronze. Further there is a Photo showing an adjacent stone Panel - next to the one which is said to be that of Kulothunga Chola - 1, with "possibly" the same King with his consorts ???

    However I am doing my further study to determine same.


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