[off-topic] Kumbabishekam in Aragalur is being proposed but lacking funds
  • There are 2 temples belonging to 12-13 century AD for which we have done some work and we need additional hands for both Siva and Vishnu temple belonging to chola - Vana(Bana dynasty)

    Please popularise so that we have plenty of hands to join these holy activities.

    These are cultural assests and belong to entire world.

    1. Siva Kamanada (Manmatha -cupid) eswara temple with asta bairava fame in aragular- attur- salem (appr 300 kms from bangalore)

    2. Mahavishnu - Kariya Perumal temple renovation going on and need funds and propose by June to do Kumbabisheka

    they are looking for 21 face rudraksham with silver thread. Is bigger ones available in Nepal? how much does it cost ? Courtesy Ravi Gurukkal from siva temple. I dont know if i can fulfil this request?

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