Tamil Heritage Kutcheri 2012 -- Indian Paintings: A Tour of 10,000 Years -- Dec 25 to 30th (10 - 12
  • Hi,

    Tmmrw our Arvind is going to talk on Pan India paintings - had sneak peak
    and he as assembled a spectacular array of art - must watch for all art
  • Friends,

    Pleased to advise that i will be presenting a detailed illustrated talk on
    the Chola paintings of the Tanjore big temple this sat -29th dec 2012 @
    Tatvaloka @ Eldams Road - 10 Am to 12 noon. Its an open for all talk and
    please feel free to forward attached invite to friends who might be
    interested as well

    This is my longest on the specific subject - am preparing myself to
    showcase every facet of the Emperor's masterpiece and hope you will all try
    and make it to the talk.
  • Hi Vijay,

    Am one among the many silent observers of this forum.

    It was a wonderful
    presentation that you gave us today as part of Tamil Heritage Kutcheri
    2012.Cheers to your dedicated
    effort and thanks to Tamil Heritage Kutcheri for providing the platform. 

    Just few questions....

    1.Is there any
    mention of Nambiyaandar Nambi anywhere in the paintings or sculptures of

    2.You had pointed
    out that, detailed descriptions of even very small contributions made by many
    of them were listed out but there is no mention
    ofKaruvurthevar anywhere,Is it conclusive that he was not a
    contemporary of RRC...?

    Tripuranthaka depiction where the demons get converted to Buddhism and then
    Lord Shiva kills them is an imaginary story right?
  • Hi anand

    Tks for coming and for the nice words.

    1) No such identification so far..

    2) I did not say that they were not contemporaries: just that there is no epigraphical evidence. As venkat pointed out his tiruvisaipa is sung as the big temple was being consecrated..like a first person account. But there is no colaborative reference fm rrc's records.

    3) Buddha (a buddha) and
  • It's also possible that he did see the consecration - as a younger person -
    maybe a child or young adult, and sang about it later...

    It's not necessary for him to be RRC's guru to have seen the consecration
    of the temple...

  • we had discussed this at length before. anyway here is Dr Rn's note

    http://www.tamilartsacademy.com/books/roman karur/chapter23.html

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