Rajendra Chola - 1000 year Coronation
  • Dear all,

    Since we all know this is the 1000 year coronation for Rajendra Chola as he take
    charge as emperor of vast empire from his father on 1012 A.D. Why the Government has
    not taken any steps to celebrate this great occasional event to honor the great
  • Not emperor but co ruler in 1012 !
  • yes he is co-ruler i know well but what my point is to honor the king.
  • Dear sirs,

    here some lines from the book Historical inscriptions of Southern India by Robert sewell, page60...

    A.D. 1012, May 30. Accession of Rajendra Chola I,in succession to his father, Rajaraja I.
    This date is settled by an inscription at Bngayiram in South Arcot, which, with correct details,
    shews that the twenty-seventh day of the thirtieth year of this Rajendra = 25th June A.D. 1041 341of 1917). Other records support this fixture (Kielhorn, E.R. viii. 260, and App. 291). Rajaraja seemsto have abdicated, and to have lived a little longer.

    It seems, this date was not considered by other scholars...

    Ragav Vendar sir, For your doubt...

    To understand, Pls Read " RAJENDRA- I in The Colas - by Sri. K.rstood by all, that Rajendra just a Conquerer.. in other words ??? Pls understand ...

    Also read some words from our Group Archives... Pls refer early posts...

    The following timeline is interesting as Mahmud of Ghazni starts his invasion after Rajaraja ascends the throne and goes on till Rajendra is about to get on with his peak of invasions (1025A.D - Ghazni dies after the last raid on Somnath).
    Arya-varta or Deccan plateau and Gangetic plains are seeing a two-pronged invasion and raiding. One starting from the South and Other originating from North-West.Both are bloodyin their character and go aboutripping through the central part, eastern part and the western borders of India.
    Incidentally the Paramara kingdom of Malwa(Dhar) is not touched by Mahmud of Ghazni, hence they are able to carry on their fight with the Chalukyas with aid from others. Ironically, nobody was able to stop Ghazni at least within the Indian territories and he has a free run all the way from Lahore in Punjab upto Kannauj in UP, down the entire Rajasthan, Sind and Gujarat(upto Somnath) on the coast.

    Ghazni is after Somnath, raiding for Gold and plunder, while Rajendra embarks on the Srivijayan conquest around the same period 1024 AD.Its a mystery that two Kings who were big-time raiders around the same time, chose not to fight each other.

    Pls Combine all these words and Understand, what the people's Idea about Rajendra?

    Thanking You

  • He spent his last days in Brahmadesam, closer to Ennayiram and Esalam. He had a sanskrit college with over 270 students studying at Ennayiram.
  • aadi Punarvasu 985 AD -
    was the date - for Rajaraja - Kudanthai Sethuraman.

    Rajendra I - no one fixed the date..

    As vijay put - he co-ruled with RRC -
    but exact date of ascendancy not yet confirmed..

    But such attempts to fix dates kindle our interest
    and we really started looking focussed for the right ones.. !!

    thanks dear Sakthishree for kindling this interest
    again and again....

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