Project Madurai released Epub version of Ponniyin Selvan Novel
  • now available for free to download at this link

    Please also see the following email for more details ...........

    We are pleased to release the first set/collections of
    ebooks of Tamil literary works of Project Madurai in
    "epub" format for use in portable mobile platforms and
    in ebook readers such as Apple IPad, Samsung Galaxy
    Tabs, Google Nexus and others.

    A list of ebooks in "epub" format currently available is
    listed in the following webpage

    You can use the links therein to download the file.
    Use the right-click of the mouse to save the file, else
    the browser may display the ebook within the browser
    window. (These ebooks in epub format can be viewed
    on personal computers and laptops on many browsers

    using the respective epub reader plugins)

    Save the downloaded file in your portable device and
    then upload to the free "ebook" reader of Android OS
    (called ebook) and Apple iOS (called iBook) to read
    the ebook therein.

    The ebooks in "epub" format has been tested on
    several smartphones and tablets running on Google
    Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.1/3.2 (Honeycomb),
    4.0 / Icecream Sandwich) and 4.1/4.2 (Jelly Bean)
    versions and also on Apple iOS based IPads and IPhones.

    The epub files have the Tamil font embedded in them
    and so there is no need for the users to specifically
    install the Tamil Unicode font to read the ebooks in the
    mobile (smartphones) and portable tablet/ebook readers.
    Android 4.x and Apple iOS systems come with a Unicode
    Tamil font and the portable devices display Tamil text
    using this system font. In earlier versions, etexts are
    displayed using the embedded Tamil Font.

    Distribution of etexts in epub format for use in portable platforms
    is another initiative of Project Madurai so as to have these ebooks
    usable on portable devices. Feel free to post your comments and
    suggestions on this initiative.

    If you would like to have the epub version of any particular
    Tamil work released as part of Project Madurai collections,
    please post your request to this list. We will try to prepare the
    epub file and post a note here after uploading the same in our

    You are welcome to distribute these epub files FREE to third parties.
    But remember that you need to retain the header part of the
    file with the PM logo and acknowledgement lines to the Promads
    who helped us prepared the etext.

    If you have any questions or difficulties in using these ebooks,
    feel free to send us an email (to pmadurai AT ).
    We will do our best to help you out.

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