An abridged version of Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan - online
  • Dear Friends,
    A news about an abridged version of Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan - online

    I am happy to announce that I have released an abridged version of Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan at the following site.

    It is a condensed version of all five volumes, edited to less than 400 pages of story content in Kalki's own words.

    It holds a Creative Commons license: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0)

    I will be glad to know your feedback, please share them.
  • Wonderful attempt..Read the first page and its nice. Good work and all the
  • Dear Satish,
    Thanks so much for your feedback and compliments; I really appreciate them.
  • Hi
    Congratulations!! It is a great attempt and I read a few chapters... Really nice and crisp.
    This abridged version looks perfect for Tamil Non-detail for IX & X Std :-)
    Best wishes!!
    RegardsR. Parvadha Vardhini.
  • Dear madam
    It is highly appreciated approach. I feel it is for youngsters. However my opinion is that if  the, number of pages is about 70-80 and very very small sentences and chapters are about 25 it will  attract very young persons like school children
    Parvataha varthini may make an attempt
    YoursDr L Kailasam
  • Great Work.
    As most of them commented, this version is more appropriate for Tamil Non-Detail for Higher Secondary classes.
    If any one come up with an idea to implement this version in to Comics, it would be even great. We can feed our prestigious history to the kids even in their tender age in the form of comics.
    Because, when i was a kid, i was a great fan mugamoodi veerar mayavi.
    If kids have such a such a fascination to the imaginary characters like superman spider man he-man, why cant we tell them about our real life heroes.

    Suggestions please...

    Thanks & RegardsPremkumar K
  • Dear prem,
    The proposal of having comic ponniyin selvan is excellent.

    Why children? Still at this age of fifty I am enjoying comics.

    Now it self I am dreaming how Vandyadevan will be alone in the ship of Sunami affected mid sea?

    In mindset, many of us like me still not came from childhood. If the Ponniyin selvan comics cam,e we will enjoy along with our grand children.

    Our great  and most respectable cartoonist HH Madan is in our group. He
    can suggest how to brought of ponniyin selvan comic book.
  • Dear Parvadha Vardhini, Dr Kailasam and Premkumar,
    I cherish your valuable feedbacks and compliments, thank you.
  • This is really good work! It is high time this is introduced in the schools. what a treasure as we all know, and this abridged version should be very appropriate.

    Speaking of comics, I was very interested in creating a very small comic book version, since I am not a professional, but passionate of drawing/art.
    Here is a small sketch I made of Azhwarkadiyan. quite a colorful character.

    It would be a privilege to create a comic book/graphic novel of PS. It could be done as a group effort of artists since it would be quite a task. If some senior artist takes up and directs, it would be great.
  • Thank you Mr.Ganapathy Subramaniam.

    And Dr Kailasam and Premkumar, a comic book is a good approach to introduce the story to the kids.

    In case, if any of you wonder about the possibilities of an animated version of Ponniyin Selvan... I believe there is a project in progress already by REWINDA MOVIE TOONS…

    Please see the trailer of that Ponniyin Selvan animated movie at the following link:
  • Incredible work. Thank you.

    Comics and potentially a video game series (looks like the movie ideas are not going anywhere, though PS is a great candidate for a 3 part movie series like Lord of the Rings classic) would be great ideas indeed. Who owns the copyrights for the original work now? As many of you know, there is a great deal of momentum in US to introduce Science education among youths through video games and delivering a game based PS and making it interactive for the youths will be a good way for them to live this unbelievable part of our history for the years to come...

    (Number One Fan of PS; grew up on the banks of Collidam and Cauveri; living on the banks of Potomac; and certainly the luckiest one, to be part of this elite group of folks who keep reminding me everyday "if you don't know History, you will become one soon!".
  • Dear Murali,
    Kalki's work are nationalized and hence I hope there could not be any copy right problems for either comic book or video version or abridged paper edition or very small/tiny abridged edition for school children. 
    Only requirement is our willingness and readiness to spare time and use our potential. In this elite group many have all these capabilities. we are having writers like me, gokul, anusha, viswaksenan, varthini etc (list is very lengthy), very excellent coordinator like sps, enterurpruners of foreign countries, cartoonists, proof readers, historical book stoker, nakeerars (critics) and finally but not least  the great master of ours, i.e. very good readers, 
    If some joint efforts are made, it is possible to do real wonders and re-present the great work done by kalki to our children/grand children either in the form of video, comic, tiny abridged edition so on 
    We should pray Kalki for giving empowerment to all of us to do the highly needy work for our younger generation.
    YoursDr L Kailasam
  • Dr.Kailasam,

    well said Sir, if in any way I can be supportive too, please do assign me to anyone who takes up the lead, I like the whole idea, will be in chennai this december too, if any happenings at chennai between 10/12 - 28/12 pleae do let me know, will come there atleast for one half a day to meet you all & hear your lovely presentations,

    thank you & regards,

    (in belgium)
  • Thanks for the Trailer link.

    Also if i have the English version of this abridged versions, it would be helpful for me to circulate that to my non-tamil friends.

    Usually i used to discuss about PS to my north indian friends. Actually it started when i told about the real first indian independence war 1756 between pulithevar of polygars and General Herald of British EIC.
    Slowly when it came to chola, they very eager to visit those places. As i am from kumbakonam, i took them to my places, They were speechless on seeing Thanjavur, GKC and darasuram temples.

    Honestly they were not studied much about south indian history, when they came to know about it, respect on south indians also gradually increased.

    So if we have short version of PS in English, i can do something from my end to spread the
    lost history of ancient tamil civilization.

    Thanks & RegardsPremkumar K
  • ...Thank you Murali...


    Dear Premkumar,
    Our beloved Pavithra Srinivasan ( of this group is an authority in English translation field, especially in translating Kalki's Novels in English.

    I hope she will consider writing an abridged version in English (along with her ongoing Ponniyin Selvan translation of original version project). Since I consider myself as a pretty new person for this group, I am unaware of other great writers of this group, like Dr Kailasam.
  • Dear Thenmozhi,
    Thanks for your kind words. Our great Pavithra could definitely do the abridgedversionof PS in English very well.

    C.V. Karthik Narayananhas already brought outEnglishversion of PS several years back and it is well appreciated and accepted. He is also member of our group.

    Out of these great writers, one can write abridged version in English and another can write very tiny version inEnglish for the school going childrenaccording to their availability of time.If everybody approved, I will write the tiny version of PS (thirty to forty pages) in Tamil for school children of age 10.

    Members may please come out for the comicEnglishandTamilversions,who could do that.

    Is there any possibility oftranslatingto other of languages likeMalayalam, as some portion of the PS revolves around with Chera history too.

    If anypatronof this project, please help
    Our most respectable coordinator SPS and Thirumalai could co-ordinate this dedicated work.

    If the project come out very well, it is really second deepavali for this year for all of us.
  • Good work, Themozhi. This should work well, for its target audience. Thanks
    for the kind words about the translation. I hope it works, some day. :)
  • hearty congrats..

  • I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to SPS Sir and Pavithra.
  • Good work and good service. I have forwarded the book too 100 people.
  • Nice work. wish you would bring out similar in english as well
  • Dear R.V.RAJU,
    Please accept my sincerest thanks for your encouraging compliments.
  • Dear Vijaya Kumar,
    I am a regular visitor of your site, and read your travel articles like "Thiraikadalodiyum" and enjoyed both, but never left a comment about my appreciation on those.

    Thank you very much for your compliments, I appreciate it.
  • anyone who can advice me as to where i can get kalkis novels
    translated in english?

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