Ponniyin selvan - a short sequel - by Sakethraman - 6th Grader from Covai
  • All,

    Intro by Sakethraman's mother. We should really appreciate his interest
    in history at this young age, understanding Ponniyin Selvan and all the
    characters, writing a sequel, very commendable effort. Congrats to his
    mother on reading and explaining the novel for him. Next one we can expect
    could be "Sivagamiyin Sabatham". Kudos.

    All of you would agree that "Book reading is one of the best habits
    (not a hobby!) we can give to our next generation.".

    I am also an ardent fan of P.S. For my son aged 10, I started reading it
    again aloud and his Tamil vocabulary and interest in our history is greatly
    increased. He is more fluent in English and based on the characters of P.S,
    he has written a short sequel for P.S. If you can permit, I shall send it
    for publishing it here for the readers of P.S.
  • Very nice attempt. Good to see PS kindling interest in the next generation

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