Making Ponniyin Selvan forum a better place
  • Dear All,

    We are on our 10th year of existence from Mar 10, 2002, we have come
    a long way and we are able to discuss Ponniyin Selvan and related
    history extensivelyand we have quite a few Historical authors,
    biographers, historians ,archaeologists and bloggers with us.

    Earlier one of the moderators dear Sridhar used to do house cleaning
    activity to remove messages not related to history and kept the group
    crisp and tidy, off late due to other commitments we were not able to
    keep up to it. So we started discussing on variety of topics and some
    of those are not related to Ponniyin Selvan or history. And when new
    members signup and see the new messages which are not related to
    history, they unsubscribe. Of course the archive is full of treasure
    of lot of history related discussions, but it is buried between
    non-history related to messages which is difficult for a new member to
    sort through.

    So a team has been formed who have taken the task to clean up the
    group messages. We are basically Literature/History group, so we will
    have dedicated forum @ for Literature/History
    related to Ponniyin Selvan and other history literature related. Rest
    will be categorized as non-related and will be purged when necessary.

    After cleaning up we will start exploring alternative to Yahoo Group
    to discuss at the same time to effectively moderate to make sure the
    forum's objective is maintained with top quality. We will also start
    creating articles out of existing discussions so that members don't
    have read through several topics to extract and figure out the

    Effective today, all messages to the Yahoo Group will be moderated,
    so there might be a delay in approving the messages due to other
    commitments and volume of messages.

    Current Team :-

    Sivasankar Babu

    We are looking for volunteers to speed up the cleanup process and
    other future tasks to make our Ponniyin Selvan Varalaatru Peravai a
    better place.

    Please feel free to suggest if you have any idea to make it better.
  • Dear Venkat, Malathi, Vijay, Thiru and Team,

    On earlier occasions, our dear Doctor Sridhar ( UK) was performing these cleaning operations almost single-handedly for several years and was advising all of us to stick to the topic and change subject related to content of mail.

    We can again give this guideline to our dear members.

    I know it is a cumbersome job but need to be done someway or other.

    Very glad that our stalwart TEAM is taking up this..

    I recall our dear member Jabbar offered some support for such tasks. let me mail some known friends too.

    best wishes and warm rgds.


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