Highway work poses a threat to ancient temple
  • this is attrocious.. the country is trying to throw away its heritage all
    by itself for its development.. will happen only in here..
  • Is it just me or did anyone else notice the historical inaccuracies in the
  • Yes. many would have noticed the inaccuracy of the dates mentioned. Most of
    the reporters do not do research on such articles, they just report what
    they have heard. Given the context, these mistakes were overlooked.
  • The facts are mixed up.
    1500 years old - yes sung by Sambandar who is dated to Narasimha Pallava - around 650 CE. So defently existed 1350 years before.
    Built by Rajendra Chola - In Stone. Old temple must be in brick.
    2000 - Years old -  associated with sibi legend - possible. We dont know how far before Sambandar.
  • Dear PS members,
    This is an ancient temple sung by Saint Tiruganasambandar.  We should try to protect this temple.  If you too feel that this temple should be protected, kindly register your protest to National Highways Department. 
    Kindly look in to the following link.

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