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  • dear mr.rajamani,

    found the site to be very useful. thanks a lot.

  • Its sad that majority of the Tamil computing world is blind to the
    contributions of Project madurai - the link provided is actually a redirect
    of the works of PM ! http://www.projectmadurai.org/

    There are many ways that volunteers can assist to help build the PM works !!

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Date: 12-2-2012

    Anbu Mikka Vijay,

    You are very correct. Majority of the Computing world are blind to the great contributions of "Project Madurai". It is "a treasure trove of ancient and medieval Tamil Literary work documented & preserved in the Website - the Project Madurai". The Tamil world cannot forget the "great services rendered of Dr Kayanasunderam of Switzerland in preserving volumes of the rich ancient Tamil literture for the posterity of the fututure Tamils. May God bless him with good health and long life to pursue with his very great contribution and service - to the Tamil world.

    At this instant I wish to bring it to the notice of the Tamil History - Research Scholars of PSVP and others, of the Literatures and Documents preserved in "Project Madurai - Website" relating to the Chola, Pandiya histories.

    (1)No: 116 Muvar Ulaa - (a) Vikramacholan Ula, (b) Kulothunga Cholan Ula and Rarajarajan Ula.

    (2)No: 134 Pandiya, Chola, Vijayanagara Arasarkal "Meikeerththikal".

    (3)No: 311 Kavettukal Paadal Manjari

    (4)No: 329 Aanaimangalam Cheppedukal

    (5)No: 337 Kavettukal Paadal Manjari - Pt 1

    All these Documents could be Downloaded from the Project Madurai Website, and the Research workers on Chola History could have a copy of the above for themselves.

    Hope the Readers will make good use of them.

    In the meantime two rare Tamil Texts the (1) Kooththa Nool by Saaththanaar and Kulothunga Cholan Pillaith Thamil, I will try to upload to Project Madurai with the help of Dr Kalyanasunderam with a view of preserving same and handind over them to the next generation.

    Mikka Anbudan

    (3)No: 311 Kalvettukal Paadal Manjari not Kavettukal

    (4)No: 329 Aanaimangalam Cheppedukal

    (5)No: 337 Kalvettukal Paadal Manjari - Pt 1 not Kavettukal


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