sound sculpture- Music pillairs in Tamil Nadu
  • Very good topic Dr.
    Let us take it to Umapathi Stapathi for expert views.
    Most times we see the base material being same. The gap between the pillar,
    the dimensions of the pillar, the latitude given to each pillar to vibrate
    (oscilate) should determine the note it produces.
  • Similar pillars are there in Suchindram and Avuydarkoil.
  • Dear vijay
    It is wonderful information. I hope these pillars are available in India only. Not even ceylon, burama, pakistan, malysia etc. You may please confirm whether such muusical pillars exists only in India or in other western countries too?
    Can you further tell what is the relevence to these pillars in Easwaran temple alone? Any such pillars exists other than easwar temples?
    Is there any religious faith of easwar attached to musical these pillars?
    I shall be thankful to you if you kindly discuss the above issues
  • Thank you dear,
    Now days the photos of person, places are much used and it is useful to visualise the person or places.
    Earlier paintings was there. The painters brought out very good images and every body could easily visualise.
    Subsequently it is developed into photography and nowdays it is possible to every body evan a child could take photos.
    These photos are two dimensional work. However the sculpture are three dimensional work.
    Is there any modern technique available to convert the three dimensional sculptures into photos.
    I am not telling just take photographs of the sculpture. I want to know Is it possible to convert these sclptures into modern photos.
    You just image if we have vandiyadevan photo in our hand, how much everybody will be happy.
    Is there any work going on this? If any body have idea please inform.

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