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  • Dears,

    Could any of us pls tell me that,

    Is there inscriptions, mentions the Name " INDIA ", if yes which is the earliest one...

    Thanking You

    Sakthi sree

    > .
  • Probably you won't find it in any Indian ones; maybe Greeks, maybe Persians
    (though I'd expect Persians to use "Hind" instead).

    Maybe in Ashoka's rock edict which is in Greek? If you could find the full

    The actual progression of the name is "Sindu" -> "Hindu" (Persian) ->
    "Hind" (again Persian) -> Ind (Greek/Persian) -> India (Greek, adapted for

  • Dear sir,

    Ofcourse, as you said the precian and Arab travelers called as Sindh and Hind(h)... I feel that these terms were altered by the later travellers like Portuguese, French etc...

    Probably the name India, should be a later time innovation around 15th to 16th century and in the Time of maraththa kings the name may be in existence....

    Have any one noticed?

    Thanking You

    Sakthi sree
  • I don't think the name India is that late; as early as the Maurya times,
    Megasthanes used the term "Indica" for his book. The mode of computation
    with the decimal system was referred to as "Modus Indorum" all through the
    medieval era. Various maps, starting with Hecataeus directly use the word

    No, it's not a Portuguese invention.

  • dear sir,

    I mean the pressent form " இந்தியா" or India,

    It happened to notice in a garant of king EKOJI of Tanjaore to Dutch, no of places the name இந்தியா( India ) appears, pls have a look in the book Nayaks of Tanjore, of tanjore&f=false

    page 191, mentions,

    இந்தியாவென்ற மலங்கரைக்கு( malabar coastal region of India ), இந்தியக் கரை( indian coast )...

    the date of this grant is 1676. It gives an idea about the usage of the Name India was common before this time...

    May our learned members noticed some other inscriptions earlier than this one, if any pls share...

    About Ekoji

    Thanking You

  • Sir,
    It is true that INDICA IS A DERIVATIVE FROM "SHINDHU" A NAME GIVEN FOR THE WOVEN SILK IMPORTED from Sidhu valley, by the Greeks neibhours.

    Vyasa, Valmiki, Chanakya mor Kalidgasa have not used this name ,India. Bharatha Kanda
    was the nsme given for the Geographic subcontinent that was in modern times caleed as Indian subcontinent, .

    Thr name India was a label tagged by British rulers, derived from greek word Indica.
    So Bharath is rightly chosen by the authors of Indian constitution.

  • Dear Saktisree and Shash
    I agree with both of you india term definitely will be older than the marathas in Thanjavur
    It may well be the case the land beyonfd the sea nad hindukush was known as sind/ hind/India in a generic form just as how our traders called anybody blond as yavanar and arab stock as arabians though we know there were various kingdoms and fifedoms in excistance.

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