A Word of Warning - Vanathi's "PONNIYIN SELVAN"
  • Hi,

    I hate to pour cold water on this enthusiasm - but I have Vanathi's 19th
    edition of PS (printed in 2011, without illustrations ) - and I have to
    say, they have *edited out and deleted large sections* of the original
    text. I got the set for translation purposes, and found the discrepancies
    only when I compared the books with my older, serialized versions. in some
    chapters, entire pages are missing. I was intensely disappointed, and as a
    Kalki enthusiast, dismayed. I'm not sure how or why they decided they could
    just chop off random parts of Ponniyin Selvan.

    It's great that Vanathi are publishing PS with pictures and maybe this
    version is complete - but if you can, please make sure you're getting the
    whole deal, with reference to text.

    Just my two cents.
  • Whose pictures? I mean artist ? That's important
  • Dear,
    The artists for the pictures are veda and mithun. If pavithra inform what sections are deleted in vanthi book of ps, we will inform the publisher to rectify if necessary
  • Could that be mistakes during printing??

    On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 2:36 PM, Pavithra Srinivasan
  • Unlikely. There were no blank spaces or half-finished sentences. The paras
    were all carefully edited, cut off, and finished. :)
  • If it is intentional they have no right to do that. hmm I really was
    thinking of buying that copy :(

    On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 6:02 PM, Pavithra Srinivasan
  • Dear,
    Is it possible to mention the page number of these mistakes and exactly mention the mistakes it could get rectified.
    Instead just mentioning there are mistakes if it is specifically mentioned those could be rectified.
  • Dear Dr Kailasam,

    It wouldn't be possible to list them all out - there are far too many. For
    starters, though, here are the edited/deleted sections from just the *first
    4 chapters of PS*:

    *Chapter 2: Azhwarkkadiyaan*: Last page - when Vandhiyathevan sees Nandhini
    in her palanquin and she screeches. Two paragraphs missing.

    *Chapter 3: Vinnagara Koil: *

    a. When Pazhuvettarayar's men spot VV's horse and try to mount it. One para
    b. When Azhwarkkadiyaan describes Pazhuvettaryar's arrival - a sentence
    c. When VV and Azhwarkkadiyaan are on their way to the Vinnagara Temple,
    and discussing Andal's paasuram: the entire section (7 paras) is missing.

    *Chapter 4: Kadambur Maligai: *

    a. When VV attempts to enter the Palace and the soldiers try and stop him:
    One para missing. (his ruminations about Aditha Karikalar's signet ring)
    b. When Sambuvaraiyar tells Kandamaran to feed his friend early - a
    sentence missing
    c. Where VV sees Manimegalai first: the whole para is missing.

    I've given the missing pieces in just the first 4 chapters. None of these
    are unintentional, as the sentences have been edited to cover them up. Just
  • pavitraji. Really atrocious if it is the way you have indicated.I have
    the vanathi edition set, 8th reprint of 1999. Could you cite an example
    or two of the missing paras. I was under the impression that some pages
    are left out while binding (it happens only in a few copies).

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