• Could any one of us help me by posting the inscription

    No. 476 of 1911...

    Thanking you

    Sakthi sree
  • i can post if you tell me the name of the place and district. If it is in Tn - I can post
  • Dear sir,

    This inscription of Rajendra's 11th year, is referred by Sri. K.A.N in The Cholas.

    I Can't locate it. May be in Tamilnadu sir.

    Thanking You

    Sakthi sree
  • Hi

    I have only location wise compilation - not year wise
  • Sir,

    while comparing with SII vol. 3, which the author says about an inscription copied in the same year of 1911.

    it seems to be the ennayiram inscription.

    If you have the same, could you pls post the whole if possible.

    Thanking You

    Sakthi sree

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