swetha sampath bereaved
  • it is with sadness that inform the group that sweath's father Mr. sampath passed away today.
    an avid reader of historical novels, he hosted a tea for all of us on the tanjore trip at his house.
    he died exactly on the 10th anniversary of his brother shr. GK moopanar.
    our prayers go to the family.
  • May his soul rest in peace. 
    Heartfelt condolences.

  • My heartfelt condolence madam
  • Deep condolences to Swetha and her family. His hospitality to our group is
    fresh in my mind.
  • Swetha's father Mr. Sampath was an ardent fan of Kalki and particularly PS.

    He was anxious in disucssing minutest details with Venkat (and me) re true History and friction of PS.. several occasions.

    He personally introduced some of us to the Prince of Thanjavur - who was his very good friend.

    Very Simple..

    We have discussed several interesting things like ::

    Govindasamy (Swetha's grandfather) connection with Chimdambaram ( temple !!)

    When we visited his Home ( Palace) to make one of us sit, he offered his Chair.. it was subtly hinted that this Family so much known to sacrifice a Seat !!

    GK - Karuppaiah - denotes Krishnan !!

    Actually they both were like Ram and Laxman -
    Krishnan & Balaraman ..

    when the lived and in their demise too.

    Last Sunday - in Thiruvalanchuzhi Swetha Vinayagar temple - our Mandagappadi was in forenoon and Swetha's family's in the Afternoon..

    " .. When Sundara reached Kailasam at the invitation of Lord Siva, he was carried on the back of Airavatham of Indira - White Elephant ..!"

    It is rather timely he reached the abode of high heavens on this occasion.

    We sincerely pray that his Soul rests in Peace..

    Heartfelt very sincere condolences to Swetha and her family..

    sps and family
  • Sorry to hear the news

    Our deep sincere condolences

    I had met him 3 years ago at his ancestral house in his village...It was a nice meeting...

    New Delhi
  • Dear,
    I want to know more about your sayings

    "He personally introduced some of us to the Prince of Thanjavur - who was his very good friend"
  • My heartfelt condolence,
    V Natarajan

    this mail is sent by prinatgi aj79,ajblock 3rd street
    annanagar, chennai 40. south india. India. Pin code 600040

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