Tamil Nadu Government Symbol
  • All,

    I have this question in mind for quite a long time...to be precise from the
    time I read the 2009 PS Souvenir.
    In the Souvenir, there was an article about R. Krishna Roa, who designed the
    Tamil Nadu Governments Symbol, the Gopuram.

    All along, everyone says that the Gopuram in the symbol is of Srivilliputur.
    But the article by Ragothaman in the Souvenir says that the gopuram is that
    of Meenakshi amman temple.

    Can someone clarify on this? Whether its Srivilliputur or Meenakshi Amman
  • Meenakshi Gopuram has sudhai moorthis. Srivilliputhur vimanam is plain

    When somebody suggested a change in the symbol, it was vehemently argued that the vimanam is without any divine images and hence a represents both culture and also secular

    So- it must be Srivilliputhur

    Anadal & Meenakshi
    Bumadevi and Parvati - came to earth in human form -

    simillar head dress and a parrot in hand
    only the orientation and hands are different

    1. One family make the parrot daily using leaves and flowers for Andal
    2. Lord Ranganathar and Srinivasa carry this parrot while they come out in Mohini alankaram
    3. Andals Garland is worn by Lord Srinivasa during the garudaseva of Purattasi brahmotsavam and by Rangar during Vaikunda ekadasi
    4. Arayar sevai - singing and dancing divyaprabandam - a tradition still maintained in Srirangam, srivilliputhur and Azhwar thirunagari
  • Dear All,

    I sent a mail to Dr.Chithra Madhavan ( Archeologist ) requesting her to
    throw more light on this issue.Madam's reply is furnished below - Balaji
  • Hi sathish
    in our facebook page the link article was posted.
    check it out
  • Venkatesh,

    Can you please post the link here? I got a link from Parvadha Vardhini in FB
    and it says its Madurai.
    I missed the link you are mentioning.
  • Hi
    It is the same link which Venkatesh sir is mentioning also... :-)
    RgdsParvadha Vardhini.
  • whats the final answer? Madurai or Srivilliputur?
  • Thanks Balaji Sir. Good to know that Mr.Ragothaman is grandson of Mr. Rao.
    in PS Souviner, it was he who have written this article and i think that
    settles the matter.

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