muruga on big temple vimanam
  • arunagiri nathar in 15th century specificaly says

    saNda neela kalApa vAsiyil thikazhnthu
    kanjan vAsavan mEvi vAzh pathikku uyarntha
    thanjai mAnakar rAja kOpuraththu amarntha perumALE.:

    Mounting the extremely speedy horse-like peacock, endowed with blue plumes, You are seated in the Royal Temple Tower of ThanjAvUr that surpasses, in grandeur, the capital cities of Lord Brahma and IndrA, Oh Great One!

    perhaps the muruga temple of the naiks was built later.

    can some one tell me ( as i am on a tour of thirupugal sites) where the statue of muruga is on the vimanam


    Heaty Congrats dear Venkat.

    Dear Friends,

    Venkat has already visited most of the Thirumurai sthalangal. our member Mr. Ganesan / Manager - SBI covered ALL the Thirumurai sthalangal - 4 / 5 years back.

    Thiruppugazh and our dear member Ravi venu are synonym.

    Some of our members are covering the list of 106 Divya Desams too !!

    Venkat's Thiruppugazh Sthalangal is another nice initiative. !!

    One of my cousins (mumbai based) has covered all the Jothirlingas.. and his wife is closing on Sakthi peedas..

    Actually an elderly member in my family initiated me to COVER - the 9 Parivara Sthalas around Tiruvidaimaruthur ..

    This included Thiruvarur (Somaskandha) .. which is also a Sapthavidanga...

    And during coverage of Sapthavidanga, I crossed Thiruppariyalur - one of the Ashtaveerattana sthalangal .. then Navagraha...

    later on extended to Thirumurai sthalangal
    ( i would have covered about 160 or so only so far) and Divya Desangal - would have covered about 50 so far.

    and our dear Sankaranarayanan focusses on Vali - sthalams ( 108 he says !!)..

    for those who are desirous of covering Thirumurai sthalangal / Divyadesangal, the easiest point to commence is around SEERKAZHI.

    In one go, about 12 Divyadesams and several Thirumuraisthalangal can be covered within a day or two.

    anbudan / sps
  • Me too have covered most of Thirumurai/divyadesams in TN/AP/ and some in Kerala. Have also touched some vaippu thalangal.
    Would like to complete the ones in North and Srilanka too
    This week end covering the left over Ramayana places and hope may complete all the 14 in 4 days.
    If God wishes then the Grand finale will be at Ayodya in 2012 vacation.  and again with God willing Indonesian/cambodian pannels in 2013.
  • Arunagirinathar is a super poet and if he was an english poet he would have beenas famous as Milton or Dante.Tirupugazh by Arunagirinathar is a very interesting work.
    The best site for Tirupugazh is
    Some members might also be knowing thatSri Arunagirinathar has sung about Tirupathi also known as Tiruvengadam !!!! is a view that he has sung it on the Murugan of Kapileswara Swami templeon the foothills of Tirupathi.But no controversy is needed as you can see the song is full of praise toSri Venkateswara.
    Tirumular has also sang about Tiruvengadamவேங்கட நாதனை வேதாந்தக் கூத்தனை
    வேங்கடத் துள்ளே விளையாடு நந்தியை
    வேங்கடம் என்றே விரகுஅறி யாதவர்
    தாங்கவல் லாருயிர் தாமறி யாரே
    But there is an interesting debate on this blog about this. author says that Tirumular has not said about Vengadam butit is about the human body which is verum gadam or empty pot !!!!But anyone with Tamil poetry knowledge will tell that the author has made apun with word Vengadam.
    Another thing in our history is that what is said about one swamigalis repeated about another swamigal.
    Sri Arunagirinathar has sung about Vinayagar in Tiruannamalai as யானை திரை கொண்ட விநாயகர்
    It is repeated in Gugai Namasivayar history which was copied byRamana Mahrishi himself aboutயானை திரை கொண்ட விநாயகர் 
    It is about Vinayagar saving Tiruannamalai from destruction due to attack fromSultan.Members may enlighten more on this.
  • Attached picture showsGomathi Amman Tapasu festival a symbol equality of Shiva and Vishnu.Bharathiyar has sang about Gomathi Amman but poem is not finished.There is a plaque in the Sankaranar Temple. "Bharathi will be reborn to complete the unfinished poem"Also great freedom fighter Pooli Tevan vanished in this temple.The room where he vanished is also there.

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