Rajarajecharam - Fusion of Nataraja concept with Sivalinga - BRAHADESWARA !!
  • Sir, Dikshithar has sung Panch Linga Kirthana, from which perhaps you have drawn your explanations.

    Is there any kirthanas by anbody calling Brahadishwara temple hailing it as another akasa linga, nor is there any thirumuRai patal.

    Even by covered area of the temple wider than that, of Thiruvotrihwarar Chidhambaram, Madurai Meenakshi and Rameswaram. This needs clarification. Gopuram height can also be compared.

  • I was watching 'How universe works' in Discovery Channel
    yesterday....couldnt stop wondering about our ancestors knowledge about the
    universe and how they fused it in the Nataraja concept.

    When I saw the subject line, reminded of this program..

    The galaxies are spinning with increased speed as time passes, and all the
    stars spin around something which is a powerful center, which scientist try
    to discover. They find out that all circle a great black hole, which engulfs
    the galaxies at unimaginable speed...

    the spiral galaxy looks like a whirlpool with two stretched arms..

    Nataraja, with two arms stretched, with his hair flying past...the stance of
    the body spinning around...

    what a wonderful concept...
    and its said, at the end, everything is engulfed and vanishes into shiva..

    the galaxies gets engulfed and vanishes into balck holes...

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