RRC - the GREAT why?
  • dear all,
    pls Look for the Attachment, Its from KALVETTU book, an Important, basic
    Analysis about RRC ( in tamil )
    thanking you
  • > Instead of going eastward, had he gone westward he would have been hailed as
    > the saviour of India at an important phase.
    > Madan in his vandargal vendrargal says that Cholas knew about this and there
    may be a reason not venturing westward. he does not tell why.
    > Can anyone say something on this too

    yes sashwath. the attacks of ghazni were later than rrc's time
    and there are some possible indications that treasures were transported for safekeeping in t he south. the kamboja raja( ujjain and cambodia were of the same name) sent the precious stone later embedded ont he chidambaram temple roof

    while the afghans took the west coast route the cholas took the east coast route. they were a 1000 miles away even if they had been contemprories

  • kamboja stone was much later. perhaps kulothunga. we have an inscription on it and vj could produce that

  • Dear Karthik

    A comitee was set up by the people of Andhra chaired by our late PM shri PV Narasimharao ( who was an MLA and ex CM of AP then) to recieve Kanchi Paramacharya who was touring AP then,

    The Comitee presented him a Golden crown. He asked PVN to send the crown to Tanjore where the 1000th year of RRC was being celebrated. He asked the Tanjore Comitee to get RRC crowned by the then PM Mrs Indra Gandhi.

    A symbolic act of crowning the statue of a past Charavarthi by thethen Ruler of the country ( Chakravarthin)

    In his message, he praised him forhis roles asSiva Pata Sekaran, Jananatha .

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