where did vanthiyathevan cross the kollidam?
  • I was roaming in the suburbs of chidambaram today. close to Kadambur where our PS novel starts. in a village called Muttam there is a causeway being built across kollidam. i wondered if this was the place vanthiyathevan crosses kollidam after his visit to kadambur. i was looking for a confirming clue and then my host mentioned the village on the otherside of kollidam at that spot was MANALMEDU
    GOT IT.
    manalmedu is the birthplace of kalki.

  • SUPER !!

    Yah.. Writers do not miss out
    to mention their affinity to their Birth place !!

    Writer Balakiumaran describes extensively in Udayar re
    PAZHAMANERI near Tirkukkattupalli !!

    This is his birth place !!

    A team of us, including Rajavelu ASI roamed in this
    area extensively. We did visit Thirunaraiyur -
    nambiandar nambi's place and see a (later) Rajaraja
    with Nambiandarnambi image
    inside the Pollappilayar sanctum !!

  • Super Venkatesh!
  • Hi Madan
    was expecting you with family in the meet

    also learnt that there is a place called 'vanathi'rajapuram close to valoliputhur where the goddess is called punguzhali
    both are very close to where kalki grew up

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