[off-topic] Google can translate to Tamil now (still in Alpha)
  • Go to http://translate.google.com/

    Select To: to Tamil

    As type in the box on the left side, you should see the corresponding
    tamil content on the right side.

    It is not perfect yet, but it is a definitely a very good work from Google.

  • Dear all,

    While we're on the subject of google translations people - if you type "He
    uttered the Mantra "Om Santhi Om", it gets translated into Tamil as -- அவர்
    மந்திரம் "ஓம் சாந்தி ஓம்" வந்தியத்தேவா! (via Haran Prasanna, on Twitter)

    See how far Ponniyin Selvan has come. :)

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