1000th year
  • Could any one, pls confirm me that, have we entered into the 1000th ruling year of the Alexander of South India or DhakshinaPatha.

    Thanking you.

    Sakthi sree
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  • Hi,
    To whom you referring by Alexander of South India, is it Rajaraja Chola or
    Rajendra Chola? If yes, then I have my doubts on such comparison. Should we
    consider our kings with Alexander, Darius or Napoleon or any other similar
    emperor or monarch. No doubt these kings were great, powerful and an iconic
    figure in the eyes of their people but when we compare then with whom we should
    In case of the Chola kings, if you want to compare, there are many early Indian
    kings who can be taken for comparison like Asoka, Chandragupta Maurya,
    Samudragupta, Chandragupta, Skandagupta, Pravarsena II, Harsha etc etc. There is
    a long list of able and influential kings in our annals of history then why take
    a foreigner for comparison?
    I am not against any foreigner king, as I said above that these kings were able
    commanders in their own respects, if we do such comparison then how it would be
    seen by people? Comparing with Alexander, as I see it, sets Alexander as a
    standard and we trying to match our king with that standard. Why not set
    standard with an Indian king when we have plenty of kings who can be taken as

    Its just a thought from my side, I do not force anyone to buy this, comparison
    should always be done with the highest standard. Its ok if some foreigner
    compares our kings with Alexander as he knows more about the latter then the
    Indian kings, but if an Indian also does the same then I feel sad. No offense to
    you Sakti, its just what I feel and think.
  • dear sir,

      The title " SOUTH INDIAN ALEXANDER " belongs to RAJENDRA 1. I
    think this title was given by thescholars of south india.

    notifies that one of the countries mentioned in Rjc's Meikeerthi, the " MASUNI
    DESAM " is thesame country " MASSANAE "which is mentioned in thelist of
    countries conquered by Alexander the great in the 4th centuryB.C. This "
    MASSANAE " is in PAKISTAN, which has been identified byALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM in

    I think that, after this notification only they may call Rjc as
    the " south indian alexander " and they never compared any other aspects of Rjc
    and Alexander.

    According to me, still thecountries MATHURA MANDALAM, NAMANAIK KONAM,
    PANJAPPALLI, MASUNI DESAM, which were conquered by RAJENDRA,were still

    why i say like this,

    All the scholars never think about the geographical and epihets attached in the
    meikeerthi lines which notifies the above mentionedcountries.

    I'm not a scholarly one. but,whenever,I read the details given by the scholars
    about these regions,I'm not satisfied.

    If need I will give my doubts about the IDENTIFICATIONS.

    thanking you

    sakthi sree

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