Mr Raman Sankaran's Coin Collection
  • Dear Vijay, and all,

    When Vijay first told me about Mr Raman's coin collection, I hardly expected
    to be given contact details and an instant invite to come see it. V did warn
    me to have at least 3 hours, as there was so much material to cover. I took
    his advice, met him within 2 days - and whoa. I spent a wonderful time,
    wallowing in history, so to speak. It was an incredible experience. Getting
    your hands on Raja Raja I's coins and wearing some of those insignia rings
    (yes I wore them, heh) and listening to stories was nothing short of
    great.). I know some members of our group had that experience a few months
    ago, at an exhibition. I was sorry I missed it then, but my later visit more
    than made up for it.

    Muchos, muchos gracias to Vijay, who made it all happen. And to Mr Raman for
    being such a wonderful host.

    By the way - I've covered the visit in an article in today's Indian Express.
    If you can, do, get your hands on a copy (Can't find the online link,

    I've always counted myself lucky to be a part of this group. Moments like
    these make me appreciate it even more.
  • Not able to get the online link

    attaching the article
  • Hi guys,

    Vijay - wow, thanks for the scan. :) Neat

    Sacti - Great, you found the link! thanks so much.

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