Books on Pallava by Dr.Minakshi
  • Is the book titled Administration and social life under the Pallavas by Dr.Minakshi in print? Where can I get it?

  • Hi,
    This book is out of print from a long time, I tried a lot to procure but failed.
    Check if you can get if some library and get a xerox copy of that.
  • There is a copy in connemara library.
    I saw it on the catalogue online.
  • Dear Saurab,

    YES it was AKN who rote and published in Englis in 1929' It was never revised nor reprinted, ever.

    Does he mention abot this, while weiting Sothindian History, Idid not notice, when i happened to refer sih by KAN,
    abour Pallavas

    I have seen a book written by KK Pillai on "Southindia and Sri Lanka publishe in 1963, and second edition in 2001, by University of Madras. Edition is in English
    Due to my difficulty in reading small fonts below 14 fonts I am awaiting for a scanner to aid me. Mean while yon can buy or borrow from local libraries or in Mysore university.

    am in Bengaluru beteen 9th afternoon and 18 th instant Please give your Cell and landline nos. Can we meet ?

    With best wishes,
    080 23689706
    91 9444939183

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