Any Cleaning CREW?
  • Dear all,

    whenever I see the Cleanliness of singapore, I think that,

    Did Our Ancient Tamil kings show any preference about the cleanliness of their country OR NOT ?...

    Our legendary Members are familiar with most of the inscriptions of Tamilnadu...

    Is there any record of any king had a CLEANING CREW or MINISTRY of Health...

    Could any one pls clarify me the same...

    Thanking you

    sakthi sree
  • சுத்தம் சோறு போடும் என்பது ஏட்டில் மட்டும் தானோ?

    டாக்டர் எல். கைலாசம்
  • what about Appar's Uzhavarappani?
  • Dear sir,

    Appar's work are considerable as cleaning the ignorance from the people's heart.

    I want to know about a king's work to keep his country clean and green.

    Did they do?

    Temples are in a separate category. They must appoint some cleaning crews for the temples.

    But there must be a cleaning crew to keep the good health of their people. Is there any mentioning about this.

    Thanking you.

    Sakthi sree
  • No idea. Interesting question. Let us search more. references of Hospital are there but need to search for cleaning crew.
  • An interesting question and would love to know some details. But I like to remind us that we should not project our modern lifestyle practices and values to the past and feel dejected,sad, mad or angry to our ancestors :-)
  • Dear All,

    Lot of ref. for hospitals (we have inscriptions). If we are looking for ref.
    near chennai, then we have a good ref. for Hospital near Valajabad in

    Don't we ref. in Rajarajeeswaram inscriptions? let us read the details one
    more time.

    Also, let us wait for valuable info from others.
  • Mr.Kalinga Balu, Sir your attn pl.

    AuvvaiI - Muthumozi
  • Dear sirs,

    Both of these two phrases are the details given by our ancestors.

    The first one mentions about the cleanliness of a home.

    The second one mentions about the personal care.

    But my willingness is to know about how they disposed the unwanted things of their own, out of their home.

    It's also a part of an administrator.

    I have a doubt about a VARIYAM mentioned in chola's inscriptions.

    There some variyams mentioned under the control of mahasabha of a village.

    In these variyams, one " udasina variyam " is mentioned.

    SII says that it's activities are related to temples but an article of Tamil arts academy is being silent about this variyam.

    The right Tamil letters may be like this " உதாசீன வாரியம் ".

    Could any one confirm me about these Tamil letters are right or not.

    Thanking you

    Sakthi sree

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