why we need to know the history?
  • dear all,

    Before a number of days my friend asked me a Question inthe sense of,

    " what is the use of the History for our life?


    why should we have to know the history? ".

    I cant answer him immediately. even, still now also.

    could any one of our legends clarify me the same...

    thanking you

    sakthi sree
  • For taking future decisions, we necessarily should know the past and hece history dear. It is perspective of historical novel writer and a poor cost accountant
  • as an ordinary person - will post by this week end. If a Ramayanam trip materialises on sunday - then will post next week.
  • Let me take a shot at this:- ( Let the legends correct me, but i would have
    attempted to respond to the query like below)

    - Vaazhndhavidham - without technology how did they manage without some of the
    things that we cannot live without
    - Padippinaigal - life experiences - the do's and don't - not that everything is
    perfect - but there were lessons learned that we can definitely take back
    - Maturity - How we have grown in most cases matured
    - Sacrifice - some of our kings, leaders, patriots have sacrified their life so
    we are in this state, and we need to thank them for what we are now in most

    what do you want to leave behind: - How do you want people to remember you?

    Kallaraiyil verum thotram (Born date) , maraivu (Died on) thavira - do you want
    someone to put a bulleted list of your accomplishements and service to
    So learning from other's experience we might change our approach LIFE.

    Did you listen to Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book yet -
  • Sri Sri

    w.o technology? i am wondering how they built Temples in Tanjore where the nearest hill is 60 kms away?

    How the Rameswaram big corridor was built ? ( of course the place was not an island till 14th C but still one needs go far for a rock)

    When our housues built in Subramaniapuram /Sekkalai part of Karaikudi 30 years back is developing crack - how the mansions built in Senjai/ Kalanivasal part of the town built 100-150 years back are still strong - that too when many of the owners are not maintaining it for a long period?

    They had technology that is much simple and superior.

    What you need to understand from history is - Unless you have freedom and ownership of the country - No development will happen.

    History, Culture and belief and pride in that history and culture ( which is called tradition) is the essence of any country and that alone bring ownership.
  • Dear Sakthi Sree
    Is it real that you made the question 'what is the use of history? and why
    should we know that?'.....

    The answer is very simple.
    Just imagine that you lost your memory on the wake up today. You dont know
    what is your name, your family, your daily routines, your education, your
    native, your traditions, your father and mother and grandpas and grandmas, your
    house, your city and everything. What will you do?
    That will happen to a nation and its people which forgets its history.
    The history tells you about everything you have. Whether you like it or not,
    you have to learn it, hear it, study it. Your remember the name of a film with
    your favourite personality? Kajini
    Surya had to write or take photo everything to remember for he will lose
    them after 15 minutes. That will be the story of people who forget their
    history. The son of your grandson will forget your name, unless your son take it
    with him and convey. That is a simple man's history.
  • Dear sir ,

    This is not my question. My friend asked me this " is there any use of the history for our life flow" which is related to the present day life style. I can't answer him immediately.

    Thats why i ask the same, To answer him in a proper way.

    I felt that Every one thinks that the history means " the records of the past before some special events."

    That's why the people have such thoughts.

    They never think that " every one have their own history also "

    Thanking you.

    Sakthi sree
  • There are so many reasons...one of these days, I will collect all my thoughts....but some of things that pop up right now are:
    1) In order to avoid mistakes from the past, we need to know the past.
    2) We humans are nothing but history projected onto future. What I mean is, we share a collective history that binds us together. Who are tamilians, we speak the language tamil - but then our customs and traditions vary - region to region, community to community, caste to caste, sect to sect etc. But it is our shared collective past that holds us together. That is how we see ourselves different from our neighbors - I am talking positively.
    3) Pride, shame.....we humans take pride and are ashamed of what we did in the past and present. It can bring us together or split us.


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