The General who lead RJC's Ganges war
  • A humble request to the legendary members,

    could you pls clear me that who is the general lead ganges war of RJC.

    If need i will list the names of RJC's generals.

    All the legends may busy with great works. in between all these, pls consider my small request also.

    thanking you

  • His name is Araiyan Rajarajan!

    His is also known as Madurantaka Ilango Velar, who has gifted 25 veli of land to Tiruvisalur koil.

  • dear sir,

      thank you very much sir.

      but i cantfindthat,how thescholars says "
    arayan rajarajan " lead the ganges expedition of RJC. thiruvalangadu plates
    never mentions the name of the General.

    Is there any inscriptions stating that arayan rajarajan lead the war.

    could you pls clarify me that " On what Basis they conclude ARAYAN RAJARAJAN
    lead the war.

    thanking you ,

    Sakthi sree
  • This is one of the reasons I wanted to seek insights into the book. 'Age of Rajendra-Chola I and his conquests, by V.Venkayya'

    But Ariayan Rajarajan is not a fictious character, he holds a good position in Chola Kingdom, from Tiruvasalur inscription line 48, it is very evident.

    If it is mentioned in 'Vangayin Maindhan' I see there must be some reason to it.
    Do you have anything on hand to disprove it?

  • dear sir,

      in the book " ulaga maha chakravarthi rajendra cholan " the
    author says, another general whoerrected a statue of RJC at sivapuram, maybe
    the commander in chief of this conquest.

     Also says that,the scholar RAJASEKARA THANGAMANIhas
    concludedthat arayan rajarajanwas the C- in - C, on the basis ofmusangi
    battle which was lead by him in the year 1019. he was honoured by a biruda as "
    JAYA SINGA KULA KALAN " for defeating the Western Chalukya king JAYA SINGA.

    but the date of ganages conquest falls on 1021 to 1023 (
    10th to 11th ruling year of RJC ).

    One inscription of kottasivaram says " arayan rajarajan "
    built a MANDAPA in the 10th year of RJC. the Inscription as follows,

    No. 300.
    (A.R. No. 23 of 1917.)
    This is dated in the tenth year of the reign of the Chola king
    Rajendra-Choladeva and records that the mandapa was erected by Areyam Rajaraja
    alias Vikramachola-Choliyavariyam, the chief of Chattamangalam in Tiremur-nadu,
    and commander of the king’s army, on the 40th day opposite 160 days of the
    year. The inscription is written in the Tamil language and Kanarese characters.

      This inscription in tamil may give the right details
    about this conclusion.

    If the regions from " sakkarak kottam to uththira
    latam " mentioned in meikeerthi, belongs to theregionswithin thepresent
    india,another general who had a biruda as " MAHIPALA KULA KALAN " possibly the
    C - in - C.

    I read this Inscription in a volume of SII,
    unfortunately iforgot the volume no. in which this inscription is mentioned.
    Trying to locate it.

     these details must be considered about the
    conclusion of the C - in - C.

    thanking you,

    sakthi sree.
  • Dear Sakthi Sree
    You are correct, the General mentioned in the inscription was the C-in-C.
    He is mentioned in other inscriptions of 1917 also vide A.R.24,30,31. They are
    in SII Vol.IX. Easern Chalukyas inscriptions also mentions him. . He was
    awarded with other titles Nalmadi Veeman, Chozhana Chakkaran, Samanthabaranam,
    Veera Booshnam, Ethirthavarkalan, Ahitha Kottalivan(kannada) Jayasimhan
  • Correct!

    But the war with Jayasingan and the war towards Ganges and eventual war against Pala Dynasty were two years apart and there is no overlap.

    Do we know, if the army marched back to GKC before taking the task of Ganges?
    As we know, the army in its return did not return directly to GKC, but had to deal at Sindh too (the inscription evidence to this in our Arhives. The question of 'Did not they rest?' will not hold good, as armies of Alexander, did not rest until they reached to India. And RjC is in NO way inferior.

    Finally, if I am wrong in saying it is Ariyan Rajarajan..Can you please correct me is saying who it is?
  • dear sir,

      The name of that general is " ARAYAN NAGARAYAN alias
    MAHIPALA KULA KALAN " as per the inscription.

    I am calculating the distance range between the regions
    and possible time durations to reach those regions. In the next mail,  Itry
    togive the distance and time ratiomay be taken to complete the task of ganges
    war, according to an contemporararial evidence of time taken by MAHMUD of

    Thanking You

    Sakthi sree

  • Dear Friends,

    I heard about that, in bihar state there was a pillar about the chola's victory. it was demolished. can we get those details?

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