Audio version of PS...?
  • Dear all...

    Sometime ago, I believe there was a mail in the groups about an audio
    version of PS...

    I remember ourselves (Kamal, me, Lavanya et al) talking about the
    possibility of making one - during the Mudha Yathirai. It was one of
    our amibitious 'to-do' projects. I wonder if it's really that easy.

    But imagine the characters of PS coming to life - at least the voices.
    Interesting prospect, ain't it?
  • If at all this project is taken up, I would like to give my voice for
    somebody. Please involve me.
    En tamizh ucharippu nalla irukkum'nu nambaREn.
  • Same with me. Consider me also during that project. If
    that happens, it would be great achievement in my
  • If time permits I would like to join in this project.

    With regards,
  • Dear all,
    I am happy to note that there are many enthusiastic takers for the idea of an audio version of PS.Difficult though it might appear it is worth the effort and I think quite possible in these days of CD players and recorders.I think we need at least half a dozen male and four female participants located in one place or nearly so.They should possess a clear voice and correct pronunciation.I am situated in IITMadras.If enough number of interested and qualified participants can volunteer in this area we can give it a try.Later others in other locations can also do some kind of parallel processing.
    Any suggestions? and volunteers?
  • Hi,

    I think you need more than 6 male and 4 females. But, to start with, ya, u need atleast this many. Also, we should have some person who knows technical details of recording and to do voice selection (i dont know your background, i joined the group few days back). I'm at Bangalore and if everything goes well, i can come to chennai once. But, i think its worth to try.
  • Dear all
    sorry to respond so late...I have initiated the process I have contacted a few recording centres in Madras and laying out ground plans so if i make any progress I will let you know

  • I have already ggiven my wish to join this project. But please schedule
    it in weekend. I have to come from Bangalore.
  • Dear All,

    Can do that.. But have to do some work.. If we get more people in india Itself then
    good.. If not Every character has to talk seperately and we have to combine them..

    If u r starting something.. you can count me..

    With Luv

    M. Ramanath
  • Great!!!!!!!!
  • Happy to hear this..! I think it needs people with good voice & acting
    talent(cinema,drama-la act seiyarathai vida ithu thaan konchaam kashtam-nu
    ninaikkiren! nadippai mugaththil kaattuvathai vida kuralil kaattuvathu
    kashtam dhaangO),etc.,

    n..why not we go for "PS cartoon film"??.

    A.V of PS-i viraivil ethirnOkkum
  • The audio thing was just a thought, guys.:-) I'm sure it needs a lot
    more preparation...and co-ordination.

    Kalpana - the cartoon or animated version of PS has also been already
    discussed. Thing is, all these are projects that (like the audio
    version) need a *lot* of input and steady, hard work. And the input of

    We'll see.:-)
  • I dont agree,Pavitra Sri.The audio thing was not just a thought at least for me.And on many occasions dedicated amateurs have been known to even better professionals.I do agree on the part regarding hard work.Anything of lasting value is got only through hard work.The idea in this case was to get people talking and assess the level of enthu in the first place.That I think has been demonstrated in adequate measure.The thing to do now is to organise ourselves in a coherent fashion and with commitment.Lets try and do it.Cartoon film may be a more technical thing to do.Which is why I suggested just audio recording.Even here the emphasis should be not on recording studios etc but rather on correct voice modulation,clear pronunciation so as to bring back to life the characters in PS with only the voice and without visuals etc.That should involve the least amount of technical input which also should not be difficult to set up.Time is of course necessary.Regular investment of time and not
    sporadic bits of free time.Which is why there is the need to get together a few people in one place,Chennai,Bangalore or San Jose if u like.
    Thanks for listening.Can we now try and organise our thoughts?
  • I think making cartoon is very difficult than making
    audio format. Because we have to draw each and every
    frame and make a sequence. It may spoil a characters
    'image' it the 'figure' does not suit. So as far as
    Iam concerned audio format is better.

    with regards,
  • Hi All,
    This sounds good idea....
    It would be great pleasure for me, if I am able to contribute something for this project. Pls count me too.
  • Hi all,
    I have today recorded 4 chapters in Book 1 of PS using a compaq laptop and a freeware for recording.I think the results are not bad.It took one hour to record.Anyone is welcome to see the result and decide for oneself if it is worth pursuing.
  • Upload the file into this yahoo group. So that whoever
    wants it, they can listen.

  • Hi all,

    Very good to see the enthusiasm of the people here. But, the Trichy
    AIR (All India Radio) is already broadcasting the 'Ponniyin Selvan'
    serialised from 12th June I suppose. I heard the announcement in the
    Trichy radio sometime in first week of june when I was there. The
    program is supposed to be aired twice every week, saturday &
    wednesday, 8 to 8:30 PM. The announcement even said that this will be
    simultaneously aired by all AIRs in Tamil Nadu.

    After hearing the announcement I even bought a radio in Chennai hoping
    to listen to it. But, to my despair PS was never aired in Chennai A &
    B as well as the Chennai FM and worst I could not tune to Trichy here.
    It would be good, if someone from the group in down south can tune to
    Trichy AIR on these days and check whether it is being aired. I even
    tried to contact Chennai & Trichy AIRs but could not get any proper

    Earlier, the Madurai AIR, aired the Sivakamiyin Sabatham and I
    personally had listened to (last two epiodes) it and I can surely say
    that it was really good. I had even wrote about this in this group
    sometime back.

    Not to shoot down your enthusiasm, I feel that bringing out the audio
    version of huge novels like PS is very difficult (to organise, record
    etc.) that too for a group like ours. Instead may I suggest, someone
    in the group having some influence/access with AIR etc. can try to get
    the audio versions and release it (in CDs)?
  • Hi,
    I shall try and do it.Gimme a coupla days.

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