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  • Hello Madhumita, Asia Society based out of New York is holding an exhibition on chola bronzes Bronzes press release.pdf

    They are always looking for young minds like you to contribute in various ways - i am a long time Asia Society member travelling to LA on work and know couple of top members of Asia society there. We will come and talk to you and interview you on Rajaraja related manuscripts for their website. It is a great honor/prestige.

    Let me know if you are interested, i already sent their members your address,

    Kind Regards

  • That is very good initiative.

    Thanks dear Malathi.

    She has taken up iconography also now.. !

    regards / sps
  • Hi Maloo Akka (perimma?)
         Thanks  for your interest in me. But before you ask for the Asia Scoiety,  some problems araised in my office after I have written my personal details here. I am not a US citizen and I am an employee only. As per the agreement I should work only for the client and should not do anything for any other companies, boards, media or anybody and no public appearance or interviews. Hope you understand. They have alread lodged a complaint against me to my headoffice at chennai about my interactions. Instructions from HO are on the way. They seem to be heartless people.
        Even in the group also I can see some important people dont like my  mixing up and questioning nature and expect a big  and continuous nod (only yes, yes yes.....) Some seniors initially welcomed and later keep silent or raising doubts and some have gone to gardens. As my dad said EGOs will never accept TRUTHs. I never meant to hurt anybody and wish to be one among you as a member. I will send details to your personal id. and you will sure understand. I think I will continue my writing in the group.
        It is time to get words from my Dad about this. He has already called and this evening we will discuss and I will act accoringly. He is the final authority for me.
      Anyhow, We can meet here when you visit LA and talk about our interests. I will send a detailed mail to your personal id. about the problems and my decisions.OK? I will send my mobile No. and please make a call when you reach here. Bye,
  • Hi Madhu, sorry to hear of your situation..but i wish to tell you something - no company or business can stop you from blogging privately - as long as you are not doing it in office time, and within their network.

    What do you mean, they object to sharing private details here? How do they know what you posted here - unless they have a super efficient monitoring(most web monitoring tools will only give the URL). All you have to be careful is internet usage within office hours and perhaps using company owned laptop and internet access.

    I will also ask you one more question - since you are a working professional i assume you are over 20 years of age. You are an adult, a young one but still an adult. How is your father related to what you are blogging here - does he read your posts and the responses therein? It is wise to always seek an elderly person's counsel but when you quote him repeatedly I am confused and I know other bloggers are. The internet offers anonymity but people do not like to talk to two faces when there should be one. Either we are talking to you or to your father, not both.

    I will call you when I come to LA.

    Kind Regards

  • >     Even in the group also I can see some important people dont like my  mixing up and questioning nature and expect a big  and continuous nod (only yes, yes yes.....) Some seniors initially welcomed and later keep silent or raising doubts and some have gone to gardens. As my dad said EGOs will never accept TRUTHs.

    thats not right madhu
    there are no 'important'people here. no seniors no juniors
    there are experts yes but not in everything.
    for example i write historical novels but depend totally on everybody else to feed me historical tidbits.
    in a 100 places in my kaviri mainthan you can find traces of conversations we had in this group.

    and what is the big truth that you have revealed that egos here dont accept.
    12 more names of RRc.some interpretations of kandalur salai.but the lacuna in RRc's history is a 1000 times bigger- neither you nor your dad can clear that nor anybody in our generation.for every clarity point you provide a 1000 important questions can be raised on RRc.

    but the main DOUBT many of us have is different and we shall come to it when the time comes.

    meanwhile dont get into trouble with your employers in USA

  • Dear Madhu,

    May be you have issues with office-work vis-a-vis other interactions.

    Group mails need not come in the way.

    If you probems - do leisurely on compiling data etc.

    Re other matters like exchanging views - there is absolutely no issue.

    Initially we - members who have been mailing freuquently - was hesitating in assessing you... It is normal hesitation in talking to strangers ..

    Now we are amased by your knowledge and keenness...

    It is hearty welcome from all the group members .... with initial hesitations gone..

    You are asset to our Group - younger but very well informed with lot of initiatives too ...

    Gokul stunned when he put his mails..

    Re Vijay - we even coined VIJAYPEDIA - for his variety in postings.

    Dr. Sridhar - Pavithra are the real Seniors.. I joined a little later..

    Kathie - Malathy - Shoba - Deepa Baskaran and other members have been contributing for the past couple of years .. Swetha contributed like this prior to 2 - 3 years..

    I even recall Virarajendra @ Srihari's postings facing criticism in other group/s in early stages...

    Venkat - with his biography on kalki is very versatile ..

    None of us expect only YES YES ...

    For example go through the mails related to DASAVATHARAM ...
    The movie makers made disclaimer stating the story is fictious !

    Dr. Kudavoil intimated something related to KANOSI STONE in Chidambaram... Read the archieves... we have travelled from end to end..

    Like wise re Rarajan Samadhi...

    It is a very free FORUM ... views are expressed without hurting any one / group / sect like that.. because we have more visibility to web-world, thanks to Thiru ...

    Pls do contribute more ..

    with very best wishes,

  • Hello Ms. Madhu;
    Your views about the EGOs in this group are completely untrue. Have been a
    "non expert" member of this group for more than a couple of years now and i
    can surely tell you that even though there are some really huge fights (the
    closest we can come to hand-to-hand in the virtual world) there really
    aren't any egos.
    And most of the new comers , like you for instance, tend to be really
    enthusiastic. The senior members instead of dampening the enthu tend to keep
    quite as most of the topics have already been thrashed left right and center
    over the last few years. This would be the real reason than any ego. Hence
    kindly dont misunderstand.
  • Madhu

    I dont think we have Siva peruman and Nakeerar's in this forum. All are very easy going.

    Take it easy but then knowing US, if you are not sitting right at the top of things, your time at work belongs to work...
    Am sure my co-US mates wud agree :-)

    Happy bloggin!

    - R
  • Yes Ravi i agree 100%. All, please do not post any further on this thread, thank you.
  • Dear Members
        Yesterday SPS sir enquired me about my daughter Madhu writing up in our group. Then only I reallised something went wrong and saw the mails (my computer at home was under repair for more than 15days and getting a hardware professional to repair is very hard here at Kumbakonam and they charge too much).
         When she wanted to enter into the group in Aug 2008 I have told her that this is not the place for her. Ofcourse she is somewhat good at Big temple inscriptions and RRC. But that wont be enough,  and asked her to keep away.
          (She complained that no one seems to accept an youngster easily and treat as a stranger. And they assume that she is not the original writer, but his father, that is me. Moreover even if she shares her feelings to an elder member, she forwards the personal mail to the group)
          On behalf of my daughter, I ask for apologies from the memebrs if she had written anything wrong and hurt anybody, She is very talkative and mischieveous.
           I have to say that,  If I want to write or answer for anything I need not anybodys id., as I have my own name and have some little stuff with me.
          I have told Madhu  to stay away until her return from US ,and after Jan.2010 ,I will introduce her  properly to our members and if our members want her to continue her writing, let her do. 
  • Dear Friends.

    Respected Member Mrs. Shoba Ramakrishnan tossed that MEEN is Viswaksenan ...

    Just spoke to respected member Viswaksenan casually on this yesterday ... and realised Shoba was correct ...

    Madhu made an interesting entry with nice flow of mails ..

    Respected member Viswaksenan or Madhu could have (no compulsion though) put a word that she is d/o Viswaksenan.. which could have lessened the anxiety in knowing "true" identity.

    In any case we discussed with same enthusiasm ..

    We will most welcome Madhu - when re-introduced formally by respected Viswaksenan Sir in Jan 2010.

    regards and best wishes, sps
  • SPS
    Romba respect yellam vendaam. Just Shobha is fine. Makes things more informal &befits our group.
    Viswaksenan Sir , Why such a defensive mail? We all enjoyed her mails, reading her mails were like a whiff of fresh air . Please do not curb her enthusiasm.
  • Shoba/SPS, I agree with SPS's comment that clarifying she was so and so's daughter would have lessened the tension.

    Without saying too much want to clarify, modern technology makes it possible to track origins of emails. Aged people do not automatically qualify for respect - Along with age comes maturity and maturity allows for respect.

    I think Dear SPS is *hugely* understanding of the situation and will leave it at that.

    Shoba you can email me if you wish to talk more.

    Kind Regards

  • Dear Member
         -Aged people do not automaticaly qualify for respect-Alongwith age comes maturity and maturity allows for respect --
          Kindly explain what you wanted to say as I cant understand your comment.
  • Dear Shoba Madam
         I wont curb the enthu.of my child or anybodys' . I just asked her to learn more and come for discussions.
    She is thorough about Big temple and RRC only. That is not enough I think. Moreover she wants to stand on her own and not under the shadow of her father. She used to ask me clarifications only.That is the reason for the confusions. I was not doing well as well as my computer for the past 15 days. If I have seen the mails earlier I would have introduced her atleast through mail. I dont have any hesitation to introduce her. I know her capacity and enthu. and challenging nature.
         If our members want her to continue discussions with her,  she can continue. I wont ask her to stop.
  • Dear Malathi,

    It would have made things easier and pleasant... tho" there was no tension.. would stick to "anxiety".

    Normally we do not freely communicate to unknown persons ...

    when such person started mentioning "uncle" "anna" likewise so fondly, it gives us a feeling as if we are in "broad light " exposed when the SEER remains in darkness... that discomfort increased the anxiety ..

    But broadly we focus on POINTS than on PERSONS ... and move on..

    As you put earlier, this "identity" topic can remain closed ...

    to move on ::

    Sun TV and Times of India reported " Dyno " eggs found in Ariyalur in bulk quantity.... Tamilnadu gains more attraction from all over the world now..

    regards / sps
  • Vishwaksenan Sir

    Parents tend to protect children as a natural instinct, more so with Indian parents. My dad still believes that he must help me all the times, I dont deny him the benefit - just to make him feel the best. Do I heed his advice, only when it suits me for that instance, if not, I go ahead with my decisions.

    In truth, kids need to be deciding on their own, they must face both applauds and brick bats on the world they venture in. It is nature and children will survive into finer adults as they get capable of making own decisions.To live on another's decision is way to easier than to make one's own decision.

    - Anbudan Sivapazham ;-)

    On a different note - one persistent problem I see in youth today:

    The scenario in jobs for many kids in India is pathetic, one reason is parents. I have seen many kids after finishing their engineering wanting to work in a non technical job or in a large multi national even if there is no work tere - coz their parents want them to be there for the money.

    Ofcourse, there are other reasons, but parents pushing their children to these situations is ridiculous.

    Knowledge is India's greatest asset, eroding of knowledge will only cause the downfall of a deep rooted tree.Another Gandhi is needed for the freedom movement again, this time from countries trying to dump garbage work into us.

    - R
  • Malathi
    When I said , 'Respect yellam vendaam' I was referring only to my self 'cos SPS had referred to me as 'Respected Shobha Ramakrishnan' - I meant drop the formalities & call me Shobha, I did not mean the mails to the forum or to other members have to be informal.
  • Dear Madhu and Vishwak Senan Sir
    Madhu did breath a fresh air into the group and I think should continue to do...ofcourse without that affecting  her work...I hate I told you so scenarios but thats exactly what I was afraid of..especially giving office deatils and commenting on work place...
    We have had family members in the group..My brother used to be a member long time aga...pavithra and Gokul and Ram will remember....
    I think I will agree with Malathi and Ravi..As Indians we are protective of our children but its equally important to let them fall down and get up on their feet and when they taste success then...Its sweet....That what wsa my fathers philosophy and thats what I yse with my 8 and 4 year olds...
    Madhu please feel free to contribute most of us do not have a face or name....some of us reveal it and have gone on to make great friends so yyou visiting India to meet the group should not stop you from writing
  • Dear Ravi
            Your Dad wants to help you in all the ways of life even though you are grown and make your own decisions. That is quite natural. Every father will think like that. To me, I have no son to support for a life time and all I have are daughters. So I educated them, teached them to stand on their own legs, and make their own decisions. I usually say to them to hear the words of others but the decisions must be their own. This is what I have taught them.
             I never insist upon anything or compel to do what I want. For information, none of my family members except Madhu have interest in history or even read my novels.
           I know the younger generation is more smarter than us and I always wait to give a correct guidance whenever needed. That all.
  • Dear Sri
       Thanks for expressing what you feel. Only problems bring out the inner efficiencies of human, I believe. And that is what happenned now. For your information, Madhu has overcome the problems which resulted in her promotion to the next post now. The concerned inefficient person was sent to another branch.  I think she will be back soon.

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