Classical music shops in Chennai
  • Hello, can anyone give me some info on where to get good classical music and old tamil movie music CDs in Chennai? My father used to get very good records in those days from Lakshmi musicals on Mount Road. Is that shop still around?
  • Music world, spencer plaza
    Land mark, nungumbakkam
    Giri trading, close kapleeswarar temple mylapore
    Ofcourse now chennai has many friendly neighborhood cd and dvd shops in all localities.
  • maloo
    avm's shop still exists on ttk road
    old ones i think you can get from AIR as well as shruthiyalaya on oliver road.
    kindly specify genere or artistr and i shall ask musicologist sriram

  • Thanks Venkat..where to buy AIR? And musicologist Sriram, the guy who wrote 'Carnatic summers'? What a wonderful book!!

  • > Thanks Venkat..where to buy AIR? And musicologist Sriram, the guy who wrote 'Carnatic summers'? What a wonderful book!!

    Air is selling its old recordings.
    sriram was a guest of honour on our PS function. he read out a review by kalki on the play prahalada. hilarious.somebody must put it on youtube.


    > Malathi
  • Hi Venkat, am looking for some really old singers for my father's collection..T Brinda T Mukta, Alathooor Brothers, Musiri Srinivasaier and so on (AIR released one or two cds which we have). We looked in Giri Trading and also Landmark (my father calls landmark the kothaval savadi of books and cds, so disorganised).

    If you can ask Sriram and let me know really appreciate it. Glad to hear that AVM shop is open..they used to have very knowledgable people there.

  • Try

    They have a number of concerts from yesteryears as well as more recent ones.

    You may have to get a google id to download stuff.

  • Thank you Sir, i am looking for pre recorded cds, not downloads.

    Just fyi the site gave me a trojan virus soon as i clicked it please be careful.

  • I find the claim about Trojan horse kind of hard to believe. I have been using that site for past couple of years. The downloads used to be free, but recently, due to leeching by others, they have installed a more equitable mechanism. Perhaps your virus detection is confusing it with a Trojan. I have never had problems, and I have a set up that is completely paranoid about viruses and Trojan horses (with up-to-date fire wall, virus protection, intrusion detection etc.).

    But, of course, your mileage may vary :)

  • Malathi
    You can try "Sampradaya" on Musiri Subramaniam Road(Oliver rd.). They have archives of all yester year concerts, records. I think they allow you to make copies not very sure though.
  • Don't know about that..i have two laptops and tried it on both - one with NAV and the other Avasti - they ltierally screamed virus alert at me. I got it cleaned up, not going there again. Perhaps if you are a registered customer it takes you to a redirected URL that does not have the virus, but in any case downloads always carry that risk. Given the additional work of making cds, i'd rather pay for a recorded one.
  • Thank you Shobha, i will call and find out before I go.

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