[off-topic] Man to become immortal by 2029: scientist
  • http://news.rediff.com/report/2009/sep/24/man-to-become-immortal-by-2029-scientist.htm

    Man !, good for scientists, bad for humanity, the reason we are good
    is that we believe (not all of us though!) will be punished for bad
    and go to hell, if we don't die, then there is no fear!

    God save us and let us die !
  • okay immortality and the next logical step of bringing back to life of the dead

    okay everybody back to work

    if you could bring back to life one person from history who would it be and why?
  • Me.

    This is an advance booking if I happen to kick the bucket before 2029

    Why me : only if I come back I can try to bring my loved ones back.
  • The man who invented exams in school. to shoot him again

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • No one... athu oru dead end aagum... any 1 is dead for a reason, it better be that way. Illena, nambo blog / group bore adikkum...

    On second thoughts ..My Great Grand father.... oru document enga vechar nu kekkanum ;)

    - R
  • Always wondered why my daughter enjoys school whereas I never used to :)

    Learning must be a pleasant experience.

    Any one heard about JKI foundation 'The School' hear they have an out of the box mind on education.

    - R
  • Some famous king from past...RRJ..or Ashoka..would very interested to see what they thought of present day world..Other people Gandhi and all yeah nice but Gandhi wanted to die even in his lifetime so why bug him now :)
  • Kalki.. May be we can finally get an answer to 'Who was Nandhini's father'

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