[off-topic] Input Required - Attachments - Email or Archive ?
  • Dear All,

    Yahoo group brought back retaining the attachments in the messages
    @ yahoo groups site. That means those who configured to check the new
    messages on web can view the attachments now. Earlier whoever sent
    attachment has to upload the file to files section to let other views
    it. But the issue is yahoo has provided only 3 options.

    You can all attachments here -
    Test attachment I sent is here -

    1. Store on site (exclude from emails) - was enabled by default.
    2. Include in emails (exclude from site)
    3. Exclude from site and emails

    I don't know why the heck yahoo didn't allow 4th option - Store and
    Include in emails ???

    Question is - Those who configured to receive email, Did you guys
    receive my test attachment ? If yes, then you can ignore the rest of
    the message.

    If no, do we need to keep this settings, then everybody has to
    visit the yahoo group site to view the attachments, if we select
    option 2 which would go back to earlier state where person who sends
    some attachment has to manually upload to files section.

    I can create a poll if required.

    My Vote - Attachments in email ! I hardly visit yahoo group site.
  • Thiru,
      I prefer attachments in email.
  • dear Thiru,
    I like to include & receive
    attachments [photos] in the body of the email.
  • Thiru,

    I think not allowing attachment was a means for avioding virus?

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