REACH invitation- for symposium to be conducted at Kumbakonam on 11th Jan 2009
  • Dear All,
    We are happy to announce the second symposium for the heritage wardens
    to be conducted at the temple city of Kumbakonam, due to the efforts of
    REACH members, Lakshminarayanan, SBI Swaminathan, Komal Shekar and Shri.
    Sundar Bharadwaj.

    Please forward to all well wishers and friends, and for those who would
    benefit from the program
    Intimate in advance about your presence, so that, we can plan vehicles
    and food.

    For those who do not know Tamil, this is a symposium conducted for
    temple_cleaners in various cities and villages, to enlighten them on the
    technical aspects of how to maintain and clean a temple and how to
    restore, or reconstruct a heritage temple.

    REACH FOUNDATION members from Chennai are planning to go by Friday night
    itself or early morning Saturday the 10th and visit some temples
    including Gangai Konda Cholapuram en route to Kumbakonam. Pls confirm
    back by return email to

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