Pazhamperum Rajyanggal... ( சாளுக்கம், இ
  • Vanakkam,

    Pandaiya kaalattil Saalukkam, Raashtirakoodam, vaathabi, vijayanagaram
    pondra naadugal irunthathaage arikiren. mel kuripitta intha
    raajyanggal tarpothu enthentha maanilanggalil ullana endru thayavu
    seythu yaravathu solle mudiyuma?

  • Dear Nandri & Satish

    Several Calukyas :
    of Vatapi [Badami]

    E Calukyas of Vengi or {Vemulavada} [Eastern AP]

    of Kalyani [Latur, Maharashtra, I think]
    between Bhima & Godavari

    Rastrakutas of Malkhed [Karn]
    all the way up to Ellora caves, Maharashtra

    Vijayanagara, Hampi, Karn & Chandragiri, AP

  • Kathie,

    I am ashamed that I don't know all these details as you do :-(

    Nandri is not a name, it is tamil word, in english it is 'Thanks'.
    And the original messaged posted by Satish. We have too many satish
    signed up recently :-)
  • 8/9/08-chennai

    Dear friends,

    1.Saalukam -Chaalukia kingdom can be divided as Mel-chalukam and keelzh-chalukam, the former had its capital at Vadabi[presently Badami in Karnataka state] and Keelzh chalukam had its capital at present Vijayawada[?]at AP earlier known as Beddawada
    2.Raashtrakoodam-this kingdom covered Maharashtra,karnataka,upper AP
    3.Vijayanagaram- this kingdom covered whole of Bihar,AP,part of Maharashtra,and the whole of Dakanabeedam[southindia]and had its capital at Vijayanagar which is currently at the north-eastern district in AP

    Do you have data base on Thamilnadu temples which were constructed before 800 AD,as these are the temples to be identified and preserved as they are built of brick and mortar as later temples where built with stones the skill which was brought from Vathabi by Muthalam Parameshvarmavaraman of Pallava Dynasty,

    Please do visit Kooram temple near Kancheepuram[say 15 kms] on the way to Thiruthani, which is the first stone temple built in Tamilnadu around 700AD and we need to take this temple history to one and all and make this temple a great worshiping place as it is currently being neglected,

    with warm regards,
  • Vanakkam,

    vidai thedikodutte anaivarukkum en manamaarntha nandrigal.. :)

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