• Hi Friends,

    As announced in recent issues of, we are glad to
    invite you for the release function of Airavati, felicitation volume
    for the renowned epigraphist Mr. Iravatham Mahadevan, who is
    from a non-history background like us.

    Also, celebrates its 5th year inaugration and release
    of Special 50th issue on him.

    Please treat the e-invitation in the below link as a personal
    invitation and request your presence during the occassion.

    Those who are unable to attend the function can view it live over
    the internet. Just add to your yahoo
    messenger and sign in at 5:30 PM Indian time on 16-August,
  • Dear Kamal,

    Thanks for the invite and congratulations for the entire team for this
    great accomplishment. Stepping into the 5th year of
    along with the felicitation to Dr.Iravatham Mahadevan is something
    phenominal...really happy for your achievements.

    Will try to watch it live. Congrats once again to the entire team and
    best wishes.
  • Dear Kamal,

    Thank you very much.. Nice to hear from you after long time ..

    Today I recalled re Mudhal yaathirai .. Our Viswasenan (Kalki) is
    now settled in Kumbakonam area. He has joined our Group recently.

    best regards / sps
  • Dear Kamal & Team

    We wish you all the best
  • Hi Kamal,

    Welcome back and kudos. You guys are doing great.

    Keep in touch with the PS group.. may be you can just send a email
    when a new edition of is released.

    BTW, how do we get a copy of the book Airavati?

    Thanks and best regards,
  • Thanks to Satish, SB, Sankaran and VK for your wishes and to
    many members who added varalaarulive in their yahoo messenger.

    You can get a copy at the venue with 25% off. Planning to
    make it available in some bookshops in chennai too. Negotiations
    are going on.
  • Dear Kamalakannan,

    I couldnt make it up for the function on 16th. Is the book out in
    the shops yet. How can I get a copy of this book. Please do let me
  • Dear Kamal,

    Due to unforeseen pressing private work, I had to go out of Chennai
    on the 16th Aug. Really missed the function.

    Pls post details.

    best regards / sps
  • Kamal,

    I logged into yahoo msger on my Saturday monring around 7.20AM, (IST
    around 5.50PM). But could not find varalaaru online. I was online for
    quite sometime and gave up thinking that you people didnt get a good
    network to get online.

    Hope the function went well. waiting for updates from you.

  • Vanakkam,

    Nigalvai ennalum paarke mudiyaamal poividdathu. Nigalvu thodarpaana
    olipadakkaatcigal ethenum 'youtube'il pathivetram seithullirgala?
    paarkke aavalaaga ullathu.

  • Dear Kamal & Team

    Sorry yaar, tied up with some unavoidable work, will read the site and post my comments

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