Jatavarman Sundara Pandiyan I ???
  • Hi all,

    I was going thruogh some old mails f tyhe group, searching for some info on
    Jatavarman Sundara Pandiyan I and his donations to the Srirangam temple -
    but I couldn't find the mails talking about how he weighed it. I vaguely
    remember discussing all of that (with Gokula and Co) - but I can't put my
    finger on it. if someone could help me out, I'd be really grateful.
  • Pavithra, Kovi Manisegaran had authored a novel named
    'Pon Veyndha Perumaan' with Sundara Pandiyan as hero.
    It was prescribed non detail for 11th grade when I was
    in school.

  • Dear all,

    Vijay: Thanks so much for the info - I think this was the missing mail I
    couldn't get my hands on.

    Malathi: !!! This was prescribed as non-detailed text? All I remember from
    my own schooldays was some drab collection - I certainly didn't get to read
    this. :) I wish I had, though.Thanks (You don't happen to have a copy, do

    BTW - this info is for a story. I'm doing a kind of rotational thing -
    Cholas, Pallavas ... and Pandyas come next. :)
  • Wow.. interesting details on JS Pandian !

    Thanks Malathy, Vijay and of course Pavithra - for turning
    microscope on this Madurai Monarch !

  • Pavithra, I might have it at home in India. I keep
    most of my tamil books.

    I do not remember much of the story but I do remember
    romantic interludes for which Kovi was famous for -
    the heroine was called Padhmini I think. Kovi's
    writing is highly decorative - more word play than
    content which turned me off after I grew up.

    More if and when I remember,

  • Hi
    akilans kayal vizhi was also about a sundara pandyan. was it

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