Thiubhuvanam temple
  • This group is the best place to get some good historical info.

    Kulothunga III had built the Thribhuvanam temple after his victory with
    the pandiyan.

    Instead of a native siva lingam or Siva parvathi with soma skanda or so
    on, he chose to use Sarabeswarar.
    Any guess or reasons on why?

    Elites if you can throw some light...
  • Hi
    thirubuvanam is a temple with a main deity of shiva. the side shrine
    alone has sarabeshwara.

  • It was a new cult tried to be promoted, but did not take off.

  • Interesting posts, wondering if there are any starters / concepts
    for the sarab cult and its origins. We had read about Kaapalika cults
    in the pallava dynasty, this one seems interesting.

    Ideology of Sarabswarar is very much hardcore shaivisum, yet the king
    promoted Ramayana and renovated other vaishnavaite shrines (Kamban
    florished during this period).

    Wish we had more data to analyze the mind sets of these times.

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