[off-topic] World Wide Telescope from Microsoft
  • I wouldn't say it is entirely off-topic, we are discussing about
    approximately 5000 years in history. But this is beyond.

    How would you feel if you can see what happened 10000 years ago in the
    galaxy, the big bang theory, etc.,

    Microsoft has done very commendable job by providing this software for
    the world through web. If you are interested in astronomy, check it
    out here. There are guided tours available,


    What is wwt - http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/whatIs/whatIsWWT.aspx

    The application might not work on your PC as the requirements are very
    hight, check it out here


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  • Yes, we are talking about millions of years. Forget about what we
    don't see, as everybody know, if you see a star blinks, that means, it
    blinked at least thousands of years ago. Actually it doesn't blink,
    due to dust etc, we see it like that.

    You guys would have received few forwarded email from your friends on
    NASA photos were the galaxy looks like a giant eye and everybody
    saying it is God's eye, etc..

    > will check out - just the other day, was viewing an article on the
    > hubble telescope - considering the distances of stars measured inlight
    > years - the light that is now reaching the hubble from the other
    > galaxies have taken to reach the hubble - you are possibly watching
    > events that actually occurred in those distant galaxies before the
    > advent of mankind on earth....kind of scary to understand the thoery
    > of relativity here - if and if, similarly they were looking at us -
    > maybe they are watching RRC's construction of the big temple

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