Veda giri temple
  • Just back from Thiru Kazhu Kundram and vedagiri, I could not help
    noticing carvings and inscriptions of Vishnu avatars on the pillars.
    The stones with grantha scripts seemed to be on the floor and it
    looked more like that was done when the temple was rebuilt.
    Would any one know the king who built the temple ? It was fascinating
    to even think how the temple was built atop the mountain and in a
    splendid architecture too. There was some writing about chola periods
    but the internet points to Pallava period.

    A great temple and very close to the mahabalipuram shore, a worth
    while visit sometime. If you request the temple authorities, the
    conches of every decade will be shown.

    It is fascinating that once every 12 years there is a kumbh mela or a
    mahamagam or the conch raising (Guru entering Kanya rasi).

    The temple is atleast 20 miles from the sea and it is difficult to
    think that unless there is divine power doing this, a sea conch
    raising from the tank are not something a local can pull off.

    The Lingam, Thiripura sundari were swayambu and it is about 15 kms
    from another syambu (thiruporur subramanya swami).

    PS: The tank of such great history was surrounded by filth, people
    brushing teeth , shampoo and soap packets and solutions. It was
    disgusting and heart breaking. I wish there was a heritage protecting
    team that prevents these acts. Can members of PS do something?
  • Hi

    thiru kalu kundram( the temple in the foot hill) is one of the very
    few temples sung by all four samaya kuravar.

  • Hi

    manicka vasagars famous temples of auvudaiyatr koil and uthirakosa
    mangai were not sung by the devaram trio.

    thiruvannamalai sung by manikavasagar but skipped by sundarar.

    other temples sung by all 4 include chidambaram, sirkali,thiruvarur

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